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Friday, June 15, 2007

Jack Bauer/Phil Mickelson: Bosom Brother?

Jack Bauer and Graham Bauer couldn't be the only offspring from Papa Bauer. There is evidence that Philip Bauer had other offspring that could appear in a future very special episode of 24. Could one of these Bauer offspring be none other than legendary golfer Phil Mickelson?

The possible link came to me as I read an article on Phil's resurgence in The Boston Herald. Here's the clip that made the little light above my head go off.
...Funny, isn’t it? Roughly a year ago at this time, after self-destructing on the 18th hole Sunday, Mickelson looked as cracked up as Britney Spears; now he looks mentally tougher than Jack Bauer. Going back to last year, Mickelson played 11 consecutive holes in the U.S. Open at a score of plus-6, and nobody would have blamed him yesterday if he pulled a Paris Hilton and went to pieces....
Is there a connection between Jack Bauer and Phil Mickelson that goes beyond his ability to go from batshit crazy to "mentally tougher than Jack Bauer"? Sure Jack had came back from a nasty heroin addiction and from being dead (twice) to save the world. Phil is showing a little of that Bauer guts he has in him.

However the most compelling evidence are the manboobs. Like receding hair and time-manipulation skills, the manboobs have been passed down the Bauer family tree.

Could Jack Bauer and Phil Mickelson be long lost brothers? The manboobs don't lie.


Sally Jo said...

Time for The Bro (TM) or Manssier (TM)...

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