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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Some People Make Their Own Luck

Today is July 7th, 2007. For you numerologists out there, today is 7/7/07. And if you believe that nonsense, then today may be your lucky day. Of course, it also may not be, especially if you work for CTU: Los Angeles.

The Top Ten Signs Today Is Not Your Lucky Day

10. You have a mole on your cheek.
9. Morris O'Brian asks you to "cover" for him.
8. You call Josh Bauer a "pansy."
7. Nadia smiles at you.
6. You're ordered to take Jack into custody.
5. Chloe O'Brian is your new training officer.
4. You are currently dating Martha Logan.
3. Division assigned you to be Jack's new partner.
2. You are wearing a red "CTU Security" shirt.

And the number one sign today is not your lucky day . . .

1. You just had a one-night stand with Kim Bauer.


Sally Jo said...

I'm a girl and that last one scares me!

Anonymous said...

You really don't know anything and Jack is sure you do.

Todd said...

Your only choices on TV are the episode where Kim is stalked by the cougar... or King Kong.

At that point, you tell Jack to shoot you in the head.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind the last one... even if with that my worst day is beginning.

LBJ said...

The rest of us would need months to recover from 20 months of Chinese interrogation. Jack Bauer needs a shower, a shave and a change of clothes.

He da' man.

James said...

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