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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Simpsonize 24!

Apparently there's some movie coming out about a cartoon family...The Sampsons or something like that. Well I hear that it's pretty popular. Part of their impressive marketing campaign has them teaming up with Burger King to allow people to "Simpsonize" themselves in lovely 2D.

So I Simpsonized Jack Bauer...or Bauerized the Simpsons, however you want to look at it. I know he's been on 24, but this one is my creation.

My made-up Simpson's storyline has Jack Bauer capturing Itchy and tortured him after Scratchy informed Bauer that the little mouse knew something about a hidden nuke. Only after a hilarious routine where Jack tosses Itchy a chunk of cheese with a plutonium isotope pill and he melts down, does he realize that Scratchy is a mole. So Jack takes the melted corpse of Itchy and rams it down Scratchy's throat. Jack then grabs Scratchy's spleen, which is then pulled out and shoved into Scratchy's left ear and out the right one in a flossing manner. The End.

Click Here to Bauerize your own Simpson's scene and we will post them here. Just send Jack Bauer an email and include the picture and a short story if you like.

Edgar Stiles

The date: 7/7/07 10:30am
Word spread that Kwik E-Mart was giving away free Squishees. CTU sent Edgar Stiles to investigate.
The date: 7/7/07 11:30am
Kwik E-Mart announces that there are no more free Squishees, ever. Mission accomplished.

Michelle Dessler (by Steve E)

Even in Simpson's form, Michelle Dessler is drop-dead hot. I'm not feeling all that creative today, but I'll pass along her tracking down some terrorist at the nuclear plant.


Matteo said...

I used to read The Unofficial 24 Page Blog before they went out of business... You have net a new reader, Blogs4Bauer!

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to Simpson-ize Chloe for two days and the Simpsonizer won't let me. I vow to do it, however, if it's the last thing I do!

steveegg said...

They do have problems with potatoes, Amy ;-)

Jack Bauer said...

It works best if you blow up the image to 800X600 and crop it to only include the potato face.

If that doesn't work bump up the contrast and make sure you are using Internet Explorer.

NDwalters said...

Has anyone tried to Simpsonize Curtis? Funny would be him turning into Dr. Hibbard's character.

Now, who would Homer be? President Logan?

Anonymous said...

Har har har... :-)

I did blow up the photo. But I wasn't using IE. I tried with Safari and with Firefox. I shall try once again, this time with IE.

It's a bit frightening that I'm trying so hard on this.

Buckaroo Banzai said...

Michelle makes me feel kinda funny.

Susan said...

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