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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Fun With The Simpson's

Part of the marketing campaign for the upcoming Simpson's movie has them teaming up with Burger King to allow people to "Simpsonize" themselves in lovely 2D. Last week we posted the Simpsonized Jack Bauer, Edgar Stiles, and Michelle Dessler. Now, here's this week's crew: Tony Almeida and Chloe.

Tony Almeida

Tony Almeida returns for Season 7 of 24. After being injected with a lethal dose of drugs during Day 5, Tony was checked into the Lindsay Lohan Memorial wing of the Betty Ford clinic for help.
During his stay, Tony had the best intense care and therapy including hypnosis and Chinese water torture money could buy. He emerged free of drugs but unfortunately still a Chicago Cubs fan (note the Cubs mug).

Chloe O'Brian

Chloe was easy, turns out most Simpson's characters have potato heads and snarls on their faces.

Other 24 characters who could be "Simpsonized": President Palmer I and II, Marwan, Kim Bauer, George Mason, Curtis, Victor Drazen, Behrooz, and many others.

Click Here to Bauerize your own Simpson's scene and we will post them here. Just send Jack Bauer an email and include the picture and a short story if you like.


AmyV said...

Wow. Chloe *was* very easy. She hardly looks different. Tony actually looks very Tony. By the way, I tried using the Simpsonizer on IE, but it still didn't work. Sigh. I shall try again.

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Haha super LOL to the simpsonated Tony Almeida!

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I had always wanted to see what I would look like 'Simpsonized' and tried it a coupla days ago, it was a lot of fun.

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