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Monday, December 04, 2006

Talk Like Jack Bauer Day

January 15th is Talk Like Jack Bauer Day.
More details to follow.

Keep your zip ties and lighter fluid handy.


Anonymous said...

Is that supposed to be "TPS Report"?

Anonymous said...

Sort of. I'm an Office Space Fan and wanted to use the initials, but did not want to rip off from the movie.

Wyatt said...


So, I ripped off the Guinness guys. Big deal.

Anonymous said...

My boss wouldn't approve my requisition for a new PC. I could not think of anything Baueresque to say so I went into her office and jammed a letter opener into her thigh. Can we expand that to "TALK OR ACT LIKE JACK BAUER DAY"?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - that is a good example of what I expect TLJBD to be like.

What you should have done was accuse your boss of being a mole and act like you are going to pop out their eyes with said letter opener. That worked for me.

Anonymous said...

But first, don't forget to beat the crap out of that guard in a red shirt standing by your boss's office door. In some companies, they're also called secretaries.

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