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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blogs4Bauer Challenge: Calling Jack Bauer

You can give Jack Bauer's cell phone a call at 1-888-9-24-JACK (1-888-924-5225) - no kidding. While he didn't answer my question on how he keeps his cell phone charged for 24 hours, he did ask me how I got his number. Duhh, a mole at CTU gave it to me.
Blogs4Bauer Challenge:
What are some other questions you would like to ask Jack?
RFTR would probably want Jack to ask Kim to be his friend on Myspace.


Tyler said...

Did you really call it?

RFTR said...

I called it. It's one of the lamest things I've ever heard.

If FOX is paying for that, then they ought to be paying us, too...

Anonymous said...

Tyler - It is safe to call. I would never try and have you call a p0rn line or something like that.

RFTR - Lamest marketing tool...ever

Dionne said...

Some of my questions would be: Why did you date Audrey? What were you thinking?

Buckaroo Banzai said...

Here's one: I know she was a terrorist and everything, but how good was Nina in the sack?

Anonymous said...

Question: How in the hell did Edgar pass the CTU physical?

Dionne said...

The Man: I love that question!!