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Friday, December 23, 2005

The Day You've All Been Waiting For
With this post, I announce the launch of the new Blogs4Bauer!

Why now? Because the 5th season of 24 premieres in 24 days—so what better time than now? You can check back here for updates whenever there is 24 news, guesses about plots twists and body counts, and the inevitable Monday night live-blogging.

So let's get started.

It seems that the producers of 24 decided that they wanted to milk us a bit before this upcoming season premiere. They decided that it would be a good idea to produce a special prequel, which they won't ever air:
With the fifth season premiere still a month away, fans can learn what Jack's life on the road has been like on a DVD of the show's fourth season, which has a prequel containing material that will never air on television[...]

The DVD set, which was released on Dec. 6, includes a prequel to the fifth season that gives a taste of what life on the run was like for a disheveled, longhaired Bauer. More important, it offers a glimpse into a medium that is changing faster than any day in Bauer's life and one that increasingly gives control of its viewing to the audience, whether it's on DVRs, iPods, the Web or DVD.

'The moment that the season finale aired, the fans were on the Web site beginning to think about what Season Five could be,' said Gary Newman, a co-president of 20th Century Fox Television, which co-produces the show. 'So we looked at this as kind of an opportunity to reward the people who are spending a lot of money on the DVD to give them something extra and to generate excitement for the next season.'
Don't forget, Gary, that you thought you could convince more of us to buy your product, too.

Blogs4Bauer fans don't need the prequel, though, as we can imagine our own! So lay it on me, people—use the comments and tell me what you think has happened to Jack Bauer since he faked his death.

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