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Monday, December 26, 2005

Stupid (Jack Bauer) Questions

Does Jack have to re-qualify at the pistol range every year, or does he get a free pass for shooting so many terrorists?

Does Jack ever use the phrase "I know President Palmer" to pick up chicks?

Does Jack have to complete the oodles of paperwork after shooting someone? And, if so, when does he get the time to do anything else?

When Jack was left at the Mexican border at the end of last season, did he cross at a checkpoint, or swim across the Rio Grande like the rest of the illegals?

Does Jack Bauer ever read my other blog, and if so, can you guys do it, too?


Dionne said...

Great questions!! A&E is re-airing all the old episodes. Right now they are airing season 3. I was watching it today and realized that Palmer only served one term. So that means he could be like Grover Cleveland and serve 2 terms just not consecutively. Now that would be cool!

I am happily married but if I wasn't, Jack wouldn't have to use the phrase, "I know President Palmer" to pick me up although I'm sure it wouldn't hurt :-).

I'll check out your other blog!

Anonymous said...

Jack does not do a good job of picking up chicks. His last one, he had to kill off her husband in order to try and win her over.

SWM, 40ish with a tendacy to save the world looking for a SWF for long walks, shootouts. No moles please. Ability to defuse bombs a plus.

AlexandraRS said...

Shameless plug.... beautifully executed

Buckaroo Banzai said...

LMC - Wow, a Grover Cleveland reference! Me likey!

TM - "long walks, shootouts . . . " Classic!

Me - Thanks! I thought so!