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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

24 DVD Game Coming Soon

Coming Soon: Baueropoly
Good news to those of you who already have the 24 Cell Phone game, the 24 DVD box sets, the 24 PS2 game, the 24 wrist watch, and the CTU Ringtone.

A 24 DVD Board game will be on sale in August. According to IMDB, only Keifer Sutherland made the jump from TV to the game and Duppy Demetrius is the writer for the game.

Here is a Blogs4Bauer exclusive preview of the game:
Contents: DVD, game board, mole(s), game cards, C4, label sheet, torture devices, player tokens. (hacksaw not included)

Objective: Players take on the role of CTU agents, racing time to collect clues and win on-screen "mini-game challenges." Each game begins with a terrorist act; the CTU agents are then briefed and given several clues regarding the terrorists' full plans. Kim Bauer then screws everything up forcing some players to restart the game. The first player to identify and stop a threat to national security wins. The losers get tortured.

Mini-game challenges: Randomly pick from the cards for tasks that include: force Nina Myers to swallow a towel, Get Edgar to eat dog food, and make love to Kim Bauer.
Jack Bauer in the kitchen with the lead pipe.

Do you have any suggestions for the game? Add them in the comments below.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the "Get out of Holding Cell" cards.

Buckaroo Banzai said...

One of the game pieces is a battery and cables - exclusively for the nipples.

Anonymous said...

In one minigame, players can only watch helplessly as their quarry breaks through another hard freakin' perimeter.