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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jack Bauer will not cut and run

Bauer2006 Platform #2 - Jack Bauer will not cut and run.
Both Hillary and Joe support the mission in Iraq, even if they find quarrel with some of the choices the current administration has made in pursuing its goals.

Jack Bauer is no different.

He believes that kicking terrorist ass is important, and that, if we are doing anything in Iraq, we are certainly kicking some terrorist ass.

But he won't stomach cut-and-run politicians who think that withdrawing now is the best course for our future. And Jack knows how hard that choice can be. He didn't serve on some boat in the middle of the jungle, sit on a splinter and get a Purple Heart out of it—no, Jack has come face-to-face with terrorism on several occasions.

And have the terrorists ever won? No. Why? Because Jack faced them down each and every time.

When terrorists present you with the choice of watching your daughter's boyfriend die or staying, and risking your own life, to "give him a hand," then you can criticize Jack's terror-fighting credentials.

Until then, let's put him in office and then get out of his way to let him get the job done.

Jack Bauer will never cut and run.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Won't even Jack be a bit busy representing both states? And isnt' there the "female factor" to consider? The answer is obvious:

CHLOE for NY to run against and beat the baggypants off of Hillary! She'll get the techno-nerd vote, and certainly run rings around HRC in any debates with cutting comments and that utter contempt "duh!" look she can give whenever HRC comes up with some lame equivocation re. the war on terror.

Chloe would never lose anything in a map room--she'd have the maps on disk and all the sats tracking them, too!

Chloe for Senate for NY! And if not...then next time Feinstein or Boxer try to run again here in California, we want CHLOE!