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Monday, August 28, 2006

Emmy Counter

Jack Bauer has one question for Ned Lamont. How many Emmy Awards have you won?

And it would have been 3 Emmy Awards for Jack Bauer if the technical award for Outstanding Use of an Exploding Memory Stick had not gone to that jerk in House.

Bauer2006 Launch
Bauer2006 Platform #1 - Jack Bauer is not Ned Lamont
Bauer2006 Platform #2 - Jack Bauer will not cut and run
Bauer2006 Platform #3 - Jack Bauer will cut moles and waste
Bauer2006 Platform #4 - Jack Bauer will man the border fence
Bauer2006 Platform #5 - No Black Helicopters
Bauer2006 Platform #6 - This Is My Daughter
Bauer2006 Platform #7 - One Sure Thing In My Administration Will Be Death And Taxes
And Now, A Message From Your Candidate


Anonymous said...

The Logans were screwed by the Emmys last night, which means no Weasel or anyone directly involved with President Weasel shall win when The Bauer wins

Dionne said...

Congrats to Kiefer I mean Jack :)!!

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell Chloe that she has money, she can stop shopping at K-mart.