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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Miss Blogs4Bauer - Semifinals

William Shatner here to tell you about a exciting contest we have going on here. It's the the Miss Blogs4Bauer contest. We have narrowed down the field and are coming to the end.

Last week, Nina Myers moved on to the next round by killing off Teri Bauer. Not to worry, we have placed Jack Bauer in Holding Cell 3 until the contest is over.

For round 2 we will have a Q&A Session with each of the ladies and then let you vote on who should stay and who should go.

In Round 1, Nadia Yassir took care of Dina Araz in the token division 70%-30%. Here is what a few of you wrote about Nadia Yassir:
pickett - I believe that Nadia is the first character in the show to be explicitly named as a Republican. That's enough for me.
Adam - Nadia probably stores her socks in Zip lock bags. She's hot as a junebug in July, but she's been completely without any sexual tension whatsoever. Mandy will eat Nadia alive.
steveggg - Why couldn't this match up have waited until next week, when we figure out who the mole's scapegoat is?

Martha Logan proved herself a few kiwis short of a bushel, however she had advanced with a 52%-48% win over Evelyn Martin:
trench - This is like asking if I want to be shot in the head or the sac.
bob - Krazy Lady with a Knife.
Yankz - This one's a horse race so far. I can't fathom why people would vote for a woman who had Charles Logan inside her.

The winner of this match up will join Nina Myer, Kim, and one more lady in the Final Four . Click Here for an updated bracket.

Now let's get to the Q&A session.

Shatner: Nadia, the audience would like to know why you never smile.
Nadia Yassir: Well Shatner, I'm a Republican Muslim living in LA. Does that answer your question?

Shatner: Martha, what would you say is your favorite moment of 24 this season?
Martha Logan: I enjoyed watching Jack kill all those terrorists and...
Shatner: And?
Martha: What, are you mocking me?
Shatner: No Martha.
Martha: Oh, now you're just trying to irritate me, aren't you? I'm not crazy!
Shatner: Let's just end this Q&A and let you get some rest. Put down the knife Martha...

Which one of these ladies will reach the next round? That is for you to decide.

Who will move on to the Final Four

Nadia Yassir

Martha Logan

Click Here for results


Anonymous said...

hey - nadia's a babe for sure and she got my vote, but has anyone else noticed she has kind of a goofy walk?

steveegg said...

That goofy walk goes so well with her inability to smile or show cleavage. Do notice that Shatner didn't slip up and call it the T&A session.

Jack will be out to start his revenge in about 15 minutes.

yankz said...


And she HAS smiled!!!

Not to mention she's currently the hottest character on the show. And say what you want, but she's a capable head (heehee) of CTU. VOTE NADIA!!!!*

*unless she hooks up with Doyle. In that case, stab her with a kiwi knife.

Bob Engler said...

Nadia is to Martha as Nanook is to a baby seal.

Its Whacking Day in Springfield.

The next round will give the important 25-35 living at home with Mom male demo real trouble though: Nadia v. Kim.

Anonymous said...

No trouble here, that would be Kim for sure.

Then again, I'm not yet 25 and I don't live with my mom.

Rogue said...

Mr Bauer,

Unfortunately I've always been too busy to watch any of your programs (not even one episode)


I'll excuse myself now...

BUMBLE!!! said...

I know I'm going to take some abuse for this, and yes, she is the most aerobicized gal on the show (currently). Yes, she is more appealing than Chloe and Audrey...

But still...

Shouldn't this be about Mandy or Kim or the evil Warner sister?


Todd said...

ok, yeah him is officially banned from making comments about women. It's obvious he has a mother complex as he has picked the uglier of the two contestants every single time.

BUMBLE!!! said...

It won't matter that I don't find your dear Nadia attractive when Kim kicks her ass cold and dead next week.

As far as women that look much better than Nadia, the list would be here...

The fact that I would pick a nasty and aging spaz like Martha over that scrawny tomboy type shows just how unappealing I do find Nadia. Bring on Kim and send Ms. Yassir back to wherever it is she came from. Maybe Milo can follow her while we're at it.

yankz said...

yeah him doesn't think Jessica Biel is hot.

He. Thinks. Susan. Sarandon. In. Bull. Durham. Is. The. Sexiest. Woman. Ever.

What next, Jessica Alba is a fug tramp? She didn't even make his hot list.