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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Miss Blogs4Bauer Semifinals

Welcome back, I am William Shatner and this is the world famous Miss Blogs4Bauer contest. The contest is nearing the finish line and only a few broads remain. With only a few weeks left to go, who will be Miss Blogs4Bauer?

Last week, Nadia Yassir cut through Martha Logan like a hot scimitar through a cold infidel. Not even a handful of happy pills could pull Martha through that mess. This week we have our final semifinal match with Chloe facing off with Marlyn Bauer.

In Round 1, Chloe downloaded Michelle Dessler in the token division 52%-48% with 1,591 votes cast. Here is what a few of you wrote about RPF:
SVC Alumnus Blogger - I voted for Chloe because I'd like a date with the most gorgeous woman to be on television who knows how to use not just a computer, but a gun

The rest of the 32 comments were a mix of insults and accusations of fraud that made Chloe scowl. There was also a comparison to the 2003 NJ Senate election of Skeletor.

Marilyn Bauer had a cakewalk in Round 1, easily beating Jenny McGill 87% - 13%. Here is what a few of you had to say about the future Ms. Bauer:
Steveggg - Jack just called; he says that if a crackhead makes it to round 2 over the mother of his son, he'll fly the next nuke direct to those responsible, and this time it will explode, dammit.
Lou - This isn't even a contest. I suppose if you've got some sort of drug addict hobbit sister fetish...
Yankz - Samwise's sister looks exactly like Honey Bunny from Pulp Fiction.

Next week we will host the Final Four of the Miss Blogs4Bauer contest.

Click Here for an updated bracket.

Who moves on to the Final Four?


Marilyn Bauer

Click Here for results


Anonymous said...

How appropriate that these two had a couple of scenes together on the last episode.

The winner goes up against Nina.

Love ya, Chloe. But this is the big leagues.

Jack Bauer said...

Nina-Chloe. Man that is a tough one.

Anonymous said...

Dammit, Jack you got my sentiment right!

BTW got my kid brother a "If you don't watch 24, you don't know Jack T-shirt" for his birthday and me a CTU T-shirt!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh and Jack, more pin-ups of your guardian angel Chloe. Did you teach her how to shoot?

Buckaroo Banzai said...

Sorry, but Marilyn has it all over Chloe, and I'm a Chloe fanatic.

Won't matter, though - Nina is winning this thing, hands down.

Anonymous said...

The thought of a traitor beating one of these two gorgeous and loyal women is reprehensible.

Anonymous said...

At 106 votes... 60-40 Chloe!

With three hours of 24 left, the question is... will Chloe get a weapon this season and kill a terrorist? Will Chloe use a phaser, a pistol or a rifle?

After all, HQ has to have some fun and avenge Milo Pressman!!! And avenge Morris' torture!!!

Anonymous said...


Oh well, all is fair!!

BUMBLE!!! said...

What's with that nasty makeup picture of Chloe? Did they put that on with a paint brush or is it just me?

And why isn't Mandy still in the running?

Anonymous said...

Chloe (55%)
Marilyn Bauer (45%)
259 total votes

Alright, CHLOE is ahead!!!

yankz said...

What the hell, is uber-nerd "SVC Alumnus Blogger" going to carry Chloe all the way to the top?

Anonymous said...

Yankz, it's going to be close. But Chloe is this generation's new Superwoman.

[And Yankz I love Rudy but I also like it when my Mariners spank pompous NY Yankee tush... GO MARINERS!!!]

Anonymous said...

Monday is Chloe O'Brian Appreciation Day...

I gave my word.

Unknown said...

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