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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Who Knew?
I've been given inside access to the plot of the upcoming season of 24. We all know the rumors that Jack Bauer will be pulled out of his peaceful existence (hidden by his faked death) when he is accused of unspeakable crimes. So what are those alleged crimes?

Well, as you can see in the picture at the left, Bauer has been accused of starting the Paris race riots. (Which, by the way, are still going on despite the fact that they have been completely ignored in the press for the past 3 weeks).

[UPDATE [12/31/2005 - 23:23]: Don't believe me about the French thing? Well, listen to this:
About 25,000 French police were on alert for the holiday. Every New Year's Eve, youths set several hundred cars ablaze as festivities get out of hand.
Don't believe it when they try to tell you the crisis is over.]

Feel free to treat this as a caption contest.


Tyler said...

"Honey, I may have scratched the car. No, it isn't bad. It is just a scratch. They can buff it out."

Anonymous said...

Did I use Hertz? Well, not exactly.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Hello, Allstate?

RFTR said...

"I've been playing way too much Grand Theft Auto."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Pistons won the NBA championship!

Dionne said...

A side note: I have a request. How about a banner somewhere on the site with Palmer's picture on it?

Tyler said...


Use this image