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Monday, January 02, 2006

The Trouble With Kim

I know full well that this will get me banned from contributing here, but I gotta get this off my chest . . . er, mind. Kim Bauer is an enigma. Either this person is an idiot savant, or the luckiest girl this side of Kelly Clarkson. Let's take a closer look at this chick's resume, shall we?

Season 1 - During a typical mother/daughter tiff, Kim runs off to join the circus, er, some guy for a sausage fest. Unfortunately for her (and later, mommie dearest) she gets kidnapped by Jack-hating thugs. She spends the rest of the season alternating between the admirable (fighting off toads) and the intolerable (whining incessantly). Overall, her character is a good one. Wyatt is pleased.

She should have quit while she was ahead.

Season 2- Kim becomes an au pair - as in "Look at the au pair on that chick!" - and distances herself from the father that saved her ass, because mommie dearest got killed. The same mommie that she was fighting with in Season 1. Unfortunately for her, she becomes the au pair for the Peterson family: daddy kills mommy, and Kim ends up traveling the highways and byways with the poor, helpless daughter. Ugh. Wyatt is not pleased; except for the few scenes where Kimmy is scantily-clad, that is.

Season 3 - What the hell? This Grade A bimbo goes from being Paris Hilton to Condoleeza Rice? Where the hell does an au pair get the credentials to become an analyst for CTU? I mean, nepotism is a wonderful thing, but can Kim even type? Wyatt is pissed!

Season 4 - Whoo hoo! "24" is virtually Kim-free! Wyatt is doing the happy dance!

Look, I know the guys (me included) like Kim Bauer because she's an uber-hottie, but at the rate of her character development, I expect her to be Vice-President next season.


Anonymous said...

I loved the fact Season 4 was Kimless -- please God -- let Season 5 and so on also remain that way. Bring Chase back and leave Kim in whatever kitchen he left her in. Although if it was between her or Terri -- I'd take Kim. I about shot myself during season 1 on our stupid Terri was.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Maybe she can go undercover in an exotic dance house.

Anonymous said...

Her boyfriend has one arm because her daddy chopped it off. Giver her a break.

Dionne said...

I can take or leave Kim. Although I did think it was a little unrealistic that she was working at CTU by season 3.

I didn't like Terri either.

RFTR said...

Wyatt and Jo are now on my hit list.

Don't knock Kim. She's hot. And she's all mine...

RFTR said...

I mean, seriously... did you look at the picture you posted?

Tyler said...

FHM magazine October 2002.

RFTF, so this would be your dream?

MJ06 said...

Gentelmen I think Driscoll was Agent Castels Aunt. They must have been related.

Nothing else could explain those 2 in the same season I mean Castel was a fool and Driscoll could not make a right desicion to save her life. So why not make Kim an analyist I mean hell you had Castel running the Assult team. Also seson 5 shows any one can be a CTU red shirted security gaurd.