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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Maybe it's time we retire
How did we miss this? I find it more than a little embarrassing:
Turns out last week's episode featured a fleeting shot of the caller ID display on a character's cell phone. But rather than the usual fake 555 number -- producers didn't want to waste time or money building a fake cell phone display -- the digits shown were that of an actual phone used by a prop tech who works on '24.'

The number was flashed so quickly, it was impossible to see -- unless you happened to be recording the show on tape or on TiVo. Producers figured they night get a couple of calls from curious types, but were left stunned by what happened next.
We may have Jack's cell phone pegged, but we missed a chance to call it?

And while I'm on the topic of cell phones: does anyone know how to get a ringtone of the CTU phones? I found a way to compose one on my phone, but it's monophonic and terrible, and I'd like to get the real thing if at all possible. Send me an email, or post a comment if you can help. Thanks!


Dionne said...

Love the CTU phone ring, that is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I searched a few ring tone sites on Verizon Wireless and only one had anything dealing with 24 and it was some strange muzak.

I was thinking the same thing about the CTU ring.

RFTR said...

I would love to have the mp3 if you've got it... please send it to

CGrim said...


I saw that it was a real number, and I thought to myself "I bet if you call the number, it's just a promotion for the show..."

Guess not :)

Anonymous said...

Way back when I was working my way through College I worked at a place that used a phone system called "Merlin". The ring type was IDENTICAL to what they are using on 24. While I love the show, I absolutely HATE that ring because of that job. It's Pavlovian reflex...minus all the slober and such.

Anonymous said...

that ringtone comes on the soundtrack like a bonus... ;)
i use it on my phone :)
(mp3 sound)

here at amazon: