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Friday, January 13, 2006


Sunday 8/7c pm
Monday 8/7c pm

The last we saw Jack, he was walking off towards Mexico sporting a sweet pair of Blue Blocker shades and a reputation for being dead. In the past 24 hours he had saved Los Angeles, killed his girlfriend's husband, gotten a handful of backup CTU agents killed, almost started a war with China, and talked on his cell phone for a total of 6 hours.

Now he's back for more...again.'s 24 page has a 1 minute clip from the first scene of Season 5. Rush Limbaugh has the entire first 4 hours, we have one stinking minute. But... in that one minute can you guess what Jack is doing for 30 seconds? Yes, talking on Jack Bauer's nuclear-powered cell phone with an upgraded Tetris game.

Each season of 24, the first show has bodies pile up faster than Jack eats through rollover minutes. If our poll is correct, Palmer gets capped in the first round. That is 1, with many more to follow.

Blogs 4 Bauer Challenge - The First 2 Hours
Q: How many people will die in the first 2 hours?

Post your answers in the comments section. The person closest to the actutal number without going over is awesome.


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Let me be the FIRST! to say 4 deaths.
One major, three incidental.

RFTR said...


Anonymous said...

I say 25 including Palmer.

Peakah said...

I'm going with lucky number 14... well, not so lucky for those 14!

(we're including wasting the bad guys too right? as well as any civilian casualties incurred by the Chinese nationals poisioning their food in LA to avenge the death of their diplomat dude? Ok, ok... if that happens, I change my answer to 1.3 million.)

al said...

13 including Chloe.

Dionne said...

Like I said in the earlier post Rush said 2 characters die in the first 10 minutes so we know at least 2 people die.

Just an FYI I will not be a happy camper if Palmer dies so I hope all of you are wrong.

I predict 15 people die with the 2 characters being Logan and Edgar (wishful thinking on my part).

I'm going to do a post on why I love 24 tomorrow so hop over to my blog and check it out.

Anonymous said...

I will be the first to say 21 people die.

- ToddB

Buckaroo Banzai said...


Me said...

I'm going with the explosion-lots-of-people-die route... I'll say 26. In fact, I'll say - it'll be enough so that we'll actually lose count. Is there any good way of tracking this shit? Who's got TiVo?