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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jack Bauer Kill Counter Slowly Climbing

Someone call CTU, Jack Bauer went an hour without killing someone.

I blame Audrey (S4GF) and her messed-up face. She forced Jack to waste time in order to analyze his feelings for her and her nose. Jack Bauer's on his way to blow the cover of a conspiracy at the highest level of government that involves the murder of the Former President/All-State Spokesman, not to mention enough missing nerve gas to kill a Kennedy...and S4GF thinks it's a good time to have a relationship chat. Women - can't live with 'em...can't have Curtis torture 'em.

Moral of the story: Jack Bauer should have never unplugged Paul Raines.


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I love it when Jack kills people!

Are we going to have a contest for the grand total for the season?

Anonymous said...

That is a good idea. We will need to do that soon before any nerve gas leaks out, causing the body count to skyrocket.

Why don't you issue a "B4B Challenge" for the Grand Kill Count.

Anonymous said...

The kinder, gentler 24. Who's the mole?

tdr said...

Here's why he didn't kill anybody.