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Monday, January 09, 2006

How Prepared Are You?

Click Here for a short clip for the premier of 24 that asks "how are you going to prepare" for the season premier of 24. There are no shots of either Jack or Kim.

Personally...I'll have the TV in the bedroom dedicated to just 24 and a clear access to the bathroom, telephone, and computer. My old roommate will probably be sending text messages to me on my cell phone during the show, so the cell phone will be turned off. Wife will be watching Desperate Housewives and making fun of 24, the dog will be given sedatives.

RFTR - Looking for pictures of Kim Bauer on the internet while 24 is on commercial break.
The Conservative UAW Guy - Same.
Little Miss Chatterbox - Same, but with President Palmer instead.
Wyatt - Turning off all the lights, unloaded service pistol in-hand, "clearing rooms" of the house Bauer-style. At times, yelling at the dog: "CTU...get down "or "I am Jack Bauer and I will not hesitate to shoot you in the head!"


Dionne said...

Okay, I got a huge kick out of both the video and this post :-). I'll also be checking Dave Barry's blog because it is sooooo funny!! My husband watches the show too but sunday night he'll still be at church and my kids will be at choir so I'll have the house to myself :-).

Me said...

I'm looking forward to this 24 premiere so much more than the others, that I plan on NOT getting stoned during the premiere. Okay... maybe a little Monday night.

Buckaroo Banzai said...

That's too damned funny! And how did you know that I'd be "clearing" the house???

Anonymous said...

Wyatt - If I still had my paintball gun, don't think I wouldn't clear my house as well.

Dionne said...

A sidenote: I'm rewatching season 4 and I remember how much I liked the guy who played the Sec. of Defense. He reminds me of Donald Rumsfeld and amazingly I thought they did a good job of portraying him as a tough guy who cared. I loved it when he told his son to spare him the 6th grade Michael Moore logic. Classic!!!!

Buckaroo Banzai said...

V the K - Finally! A voice of reason!!! I've been whoring BSG on my blog since it premiered. Terrific, terrific show.