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Monday, January 23, 2006

Battlestar Bauer Banner Bonanza
Just to prove that no banner request will go unanswered. Here is the Battlestar Galactica - Bauer banner. I had to go to wikiepedia to find out what a Cylon is. I have posted two banners and some other captions I came up with.

Let me know if these are lame and which one you like best. Got other ideas...because you know what that Dr. Baltar is not some dude on General Hospital? Post those in the comments and you may see them appear as a banner.

Other Captions:
Who's Next?
Who's Your Cylon?
You are not my father.
No, Kim does not dig Cylons!
24: Season 2,404


Anonymous said...

Why not a simple "Frack You!" (Admiral Cain's last words).

Or maybe "The Toasters Are Toast"
BSG fans will know what it means.

Or combine them into a hypergeeky "Frack you, toaster."

RFTR said...

Next thing you know, V the K is going to ask for a dungeons and dragons banner.

Anonymous said...

I draw the line at Star Wars banners.

B4B Rule #43b Section 5
No banner shall be constructed using the following:
Dungeons and Dragons
Star Trek
Napoleon Dynamite

Anonymous said...

'Designing Women' and 'Golden Girl' banners ... still cool.

Anonymous said...

Blanche will probably grace a B4B banner.

Dionne said...

How about a combo of a 24 & an Alias banner? Jack Bauer and Sydney Bristow both kick butt!!

Anonymous said...

Now work a line-drawing of Jack into the painting from the Family Ties Opening

And then, Put Jack into the "Take on me" video.

Anonymous said...

You wanted Jack Bauer in the line-drawing of the opening scene of Family Ties.

You got it.

Buckaroo Banzai said...

I like the one I posted at SYLG: "DON'T MOVE, TOASTER!"