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Friday, January 20, 2006

Comparisons Kim v. Chloe

There seems to be alot of discussion here about Kim Bauer. Any red blooded American male can understand the discussion but what perplexes me is why those same red blooded American males do not mention Chloe O'Brian in the same breath...and then settle on Chloe as the real eye-candy on 24.

Maybe it's because I'm an old fat guy, but to me eye-candy has to have some solid mental accumine in there as well and I'm sorry but Miss Bauer just can't hold a candle to Chloe in that regard. Perhaps it's an age and experience thing. Miss Bauer is young and while she has experienced her share of trevails she still reacts as the innocents would in such situations...that being cowering and hoping someone comes to save them. The first time we see Chloe in a serious life threatening situation what does she do? Grabs the rifle and turns an otherwise new car into baby swiss cheese along with the barbarian inside it. Okay, so she's a little trigger happy, but it gets the job done. Excellent shooting at the refinery this season wouldn't you say?

Chloe also has that wonderful personality trait of cutting right to the meat of a point, usually preceded with biting sarcasm. One doesn't expect such a sharp tongue from such a sweet face. The best retort I've ever heard from Kim could have been gathered from the local cheerleading squad complete with Valley Girl inflection.

Yeah, if I'm not married(thank God I am) I'm interested in a Chloe O'Brian type. I guess I can overlook the laughable idea of a "proprietary CTU Algorithm" to break into can't.


Tyler said...

If Chloe didn't have that well, retarded look on her face all the time then maybe, just maybe, we would give her a shot.

Anonymous said...

She looks like she is constipated all the time. Maybe she needs a good bowel movement.