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Monday, January 23, 2006

Stupid Questions

Whatever happened to President Keeler (Logan's predecessor)? Are we to assume he died, or is he still in critical condition eighteen months after the attack on Air Force One? And was Michael Schiavo involved in any way?

Whatever happened to Lynne Kresge (President Palmer's aide in Season 2, as well as Admiral Cain in BSG)? She is pushed down a stairwell, and we never hear from her again? Is she dead, and if so, is Michael Schiavo involved?

Will anyone else need the duct tape for tonight's assumed catfight between Audrey and Diana? If Audrey tries to claim that Jack is "her man," I may shoot my television a la Elvis!


Dionne said...

You are on a roll today. This is hilarious!!!!!!!

I have thought the exact same things. I wanted to ask about Keeler but I thought maybe I just forgot what they said about what happened to him.

And I loved the Lynne Kresge character and have wondered the same thing. Although I think I remember them saying she was okay but they didn't really explain why she never came back.

I'm with you on the suspicions of Schiavo being involved. It would explain a lot :-).

Anonymous said...

I don't think these are stupid questions. I, too, would like to know the fate of Prez Keeler and Lynn Kresge from Season 4.

Here's an "off the wall" prediction:

Prez Logan gets offed in Season 5 and Keeler recovers in time to take back command.

(Mind you, this prediction comes from somebody who caught a glimpse of Mrs. Logan's sexy left thigh wearing thigh high stockings together with a glimpse or three of her ample cleavage. I think Mrs. Logan is HOT. I want Prez Logan out of the picture so I can pursue my fantasy with Mrs. Logan unimpeded by thoughts of the CIC.