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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Season 5 Death Pool

Today's NY Post has a 4-star review of the upcoming season opener for 24. But, they reveal that a major character will end up at room temperature before the first 10 minutes are up.
Well, as you can imagine, horrible things happen within the first few minutes, and shocking things happen within the first 10.
In fact, you will be disgruntled yourself when you find out who gets wiped out.
Who do you think will be killed off?

Which character will not live to see the
first All-State Commercial during Season 5?

Former President Palmer
Kim Bauer
President Logan
Tony Almeida
Curtis Manning
Edgar Stiles
Chloe O'Brian
Jack Bauer
None of the Above

Click Here to check the results

The winner gets bragging rights.


Unknown said...

Unfortunately, I think Chloe will go TU. I'd hate to see her leave the show, since she's such a cute geek, but since everyone within Jack's proximity has their life insurance rates go up, Chloe is at major risk by being the first to help Jack.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I hope it's Curtis, because he's kind of annoying.

Anonymous said...

I think Former President Palmer had better up his life insurance before this season premier. He has my vote.

Death of a Insurance Salesman

Dionne said...

I picked President Logan because thats who I'm hoping goes. Can't stand him. Maybe Palmer can replace him :-).

Dionne said...

Okay, I just read the article and I don't like the fact that he's saying one of our favorite characters will get killed. Ugh..... Why do they do that? Ofcourse I guess it depends on what they mean by favorite character.

Me said...

It's gotta be Logan. He'll get waxed. That's the whole reason for his existence, to die.

Alphie said...

Well, I was going to vote for Sarah Gilbert, but fortunately they already killed her off.

So I voted for Chloe (sorry greg)

I'd be pretty happy to see either her or Edgar get nailed.

James Manning said...

I have to go with Logan. I doubt they would kill Palmer or Tony. I like Curtis. It's nice to see a brotha kicking butt.

Peakah said...

Good lord, I've just got done watching a marathon of 24 Season 4 that I just rented from Blockbuster... (I didn't see any of the first 3 season episodes, not much of a TV show watcher)

Now I'm freaking hooked!

Oh, and my vote went to Curtis... not sure why, just a hunch. I'll be sweating profusely for the next 5 days 3 hours 19 minutes and 30 seconds...

jwookie said...

Is it wrong that we've polled and the top to choices are the black guys?

Dionne said...

Jwookie: You must watch Seinfeld as well as 24 :-).

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the article that Entertainment Weekly did on 24?

Anonymous said...

jwookie: Someone needs to call Jackie Chiles ASAP.

Unknown said...

Didn't Rush also say that Curtis will not be killed off, because "the Fox Network has been very desirous that a black CTU agent do well."

Buckaroo Banzai said...

V The K - Now, THAT'S funny! I think it's Palmer, since Mr. Allstate is slated for a new gig on some lame CBS show soon.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for the offing of Tony Almeida's wife. Now there is someone who deserves to be on the list.

Brent McKee said...

I think it's probably Palmer, hope it's Logan and fear that it might be Kim.