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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Think Jack Bauer Is Far Out, man
Believe it or not, I really enjoy watching Jack Bauer, sometimes. Take last night for example. It was good to see that no Muslims were implicated in the plot, setup by George Walker Cummings to plant WMDs in "central Asia". Where is "Central Asia" anyway and do they serve a mean #23 with a side of rice and an egg roll? No dude, the neo-cons at FOX mean IRAQ. Finally someone in the right-wing mainstream media has said's all about the oil, wal-mart, and the jjjeeewwwws.

I mean, take the ChimpyMcBushilter character or as you guys call him "President Weasel". Who gave this guy the right to go along with Sid Blumenthal's idea to hide WMDs in "Central Asia"? What did these terrorists ever do to us? I didn't vote for The Weasel, he selected not elected.

If Weasel was anymore like ChimpyMcBushilter, Laura and Barney could sue for copyright infringement or something. All the Weasel-in-Thief (note that it also starts with "W") has to do is nominate a former Hitler Youth member to the Supreme Court to make the likeness complete. Heck man, He's already illegally wiretapping Jack Bauer's cell phone, whose next? Me...when I get a phone?

Well man, I'll hit you guys up again next week. I hear Kim Bauer is back, she's ok. Peace.

The U.S. government does not violate our civil rights enough!


Buckaroo Banzai said...

I know, dude. Like when Walt said that there'd be PROOF of WMD's! It was the progressive writers making a point about the War in Iraq!!! THERE WEREN'T ANY WMD'S . . . EVER! THOSE KURDS DIED OF FOOD POISONING, AND THAT IRAQI AIR FORCE COMMANDER IS FULL OF IT, MAN!!!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah...that war in iraq sure got us a lot of oil. oh wait...oil prices are throught the roof...guess not. that quick half-assed plotline that Cummings gave about oil and was put in there so poorly. politics aside, that was bad writing.

CGrim said...

Seriously guys...

1) The creators of 24 are not some sort of liberal ideologues.
2) Since no actual conservatives think its a good idea to fabricate evidence to justify an invasion, why are so many conservatives getting indignant over Cumming's rationale? 3) Given the motives of past bad guys in the show, is it really too difficult to believe that maybe a minor fictional stooge just might be motivated by oil-lust?

Unknown said...

For a moment I thought I'd accidentally stumbled into the DailyKOS instead of B4B!