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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bad News for the Los Angeles Kings
For those of you, like me, who know nothing about hockey (and don't really care), that's an NHL team. And they're about to lose their center (that's a hockey position, much like the center on a basketball or soccer team—not all that similar to a center on a football team). Why? He's been messing with my woman, and I'm going to hurt him. Take a look for yourself:
Los Angeles Kings center Sean Avery undoubtedly has a mouth large enough for Sasquatch's foot to fit comfortably. But don't let him fool you into believing he's lacking in the smarts department.

Avery - who previously had been linked to actress and model Rachel Hunter, the former wife of pop star Rod Stewart who recently strutted her stuff as 'Stacy's Mom' in the rock group Fountains of Wayne's 2003 video - now has been seen with the lovely Elisha Cuthbert, a Calgary-born actress who broke onto the scene as Jack Bauer's daughter on Fox's hit show '24.'
Seriously, does this guy:

look like he deserves the lovely lady to the right?

I think Jack needs to defend his daughter's honor. After all, truly patriotic Americans hate hockey, right?


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Let me be the FIRST! to say, "Wow!".

I'll read the article later....

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

To answer your question: Hell no!

Anonymous said...

What is hockey?

CGrim said...

let me echo CUAW Guy and say: Hell No, Blasphemer!

Hockey is quite possibly the greatest sport known to man (only football could be argued to be greater, with the one handicap that games only occur on weekends)


Dionne said...

Okay, what I want to know is where are you getting all these pictures of Kim Bauer? I don't remember her posing like this on 24 :-).

Buckaroo Banzai said...

RFTR is just trying to piss me off with the hockey slam. HOCKEY RULES!!!

MJ06 said...

Fountain of Wayne wow I though that there 15 minutes of fame was up a coupple years ago how ever in true Pop Rock fassion the song does seem to be catchy.