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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blogs 4 Bauer - Flank 2 Caption Contest

Our little blog would not be complete without a caption contest.

1) Caption or photoshop this CTU moment
2) Email photoshops to Blogs4Bauer


Anonymous said...

Click Here for my photoshop entry.

Anonymous said...

Click Here for a photoshop by Mike B

Anonymous said...

"What do you mean it's time for 'second breakfast?'"

Buckaroo Banzai said...

"You mean to tell me you've NEVER seen the Paris Hilton video??? Damned Hobbits."

Tyler said...

No! We need to stop terrorists not destroy a ring!

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Buchanan, why would you possibly think I've been using the dedicated T3 to download Hobbit p0rn."

Anonymous said...

Buchanan: I have called this meeting to remind you that we need to be more serious at CTU.

Yes, sir

Buchanan: But when you made Edgar do the Truffle Shuffle, I had to crack up. Keep up the good work.