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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

24/Cap This

1. “Need a hug?”
2. “Yo, Chief? Notice that light outside brighter than 10,000 suns? Maybe you shouldn’t have given Fayed that one more chance.”
3. “Don’t be silly. We’ve had unisex bathrooms in the White House since the first Clinton Administration.”
4. “What did you just say about my ‘smooth, chocolatey head?’”
5. “No, Tom, I do not know where you can score some crack.”
6. “The good news is, we found Behrooz. The bad news is, he was in a cage in Barney Frank’s basement wearing a gimp costume.”
7. “Just sayin, Graem was a red-head, Marilyn’s a brunette, the kid’s blond like Uncle Jack. Just sayin’ Just puttin’ that out there.”
8. “Hide ‘em all you want Tom, but one day, when you least expect it, I *will* pull your finger.”
9. “For the last time, Tom, I will not open my address to the nation with ‘Excuse me while I whip this out.’
10. “What do you mean my sister just clocked Aaron Pierce, with her cell phone?”


Anonymous said...

Stop calling me Vigo...

Anonymous said...

"...score some crack." Heh. That one made me laugh.

Speaking of Behrooz - I caught him a couple weeks ago on an episode of The Unit - he was an Iranian shepherd - he got capped.

Greg said...

"What's a waddle?"

lawhawk said...

The meaning of life is 42. Get it?

Trench Reynolds said...

#9 is a classic.

David Golden said...

Don't get me wrong. Portia was hot, but there was always something off when we did our scenes together.

BUMBLE!!! said...

So few characters, so many plots up in the air... can't they just give us the kid as Jack's?

And where the hell is Ricky Schroeder?!!!

Ding dong... Palmer's gone... if only to serious injury.

Now can we get on with the season and the big transitional episode?

Joshua Gross said...

Kill? no no, I was never going to... kill... you. just trying to get your attention was all...

Anonymous said...

"so you're saying you did not call me a "short white cracker head"?