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Friday, February 16, 2007

A Miss B4B Public Service Announcement

Hi all, I just wanted to inform everyone that Monday's bracket of the Miss Blogs4Bauer Pageant will see the battle to two titans: Nina Myers versus Audrey "Penis Nose" Raines. Since RFTR hijacked the preliminary Kim Bauer bracket, I figured I should give props to my girl Nina.

Look, the best thing that can say about Nina Myers is that she's a devious little bitch. Having said that, she a hot devious little bitch, and only one-third as annoying as Audrey "P.N." Raines. I mourned Nina's death, but would tinkle on Audrey's grave.

This week, I would appreciate you throwing your votes Nina's way. She'd do the same for you . . . before she sold you our to the Serbs, that is.


Anonymous said...

It looks like Kim Bauer may not make it past Mandy in the next round. So a Mandy-Nina matchup could develop.


BUMBLE!!! said...

Since Nina is dead, it definitely feels necrophilliac-ish to be finding her hotter than Audrey, but let's be honest - Dina Araz (momo of Behrooz) is hotter than Audrey - and that's scary.

Bring on Mandy and her grubby little Palmer injuring paw now!!

Buckaroo Banzai said...

YH - Dead or not, I'm voting for Nina!