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Monday, February 19, 2007

Miss Blogs4Bauer Contest

It's Monday, I'm William Shatner, and this...this is the 1st Annual Miss Blogs4Bauer Contest. Thanks for coming back to judge the hottest ladies on the TV show 24. Make sure you post comments and vote like you live in Chicago, often.

The ninjas and robots have begun to dance, that means it's time for our next match up. Jack Bauer had a thing with our two ladies. Nina Myers finally drove Jack Bauer to kill her, while Audrey Raines drove Jack to kill everyone around her before giving her the whole "I've been in China for 2 years" treatment. Who will move on? Better yet...who will survive?

Here are the profiles, make your selection using the poll below. The voting ends Sunday (2/25) and the next match up of Sherry Palmer and Mandy will be posted on Monday (2/26).

Click Here for the entire bracket

Name: Nina Myers
Status: Dead
Occupation: CTU Agent/mole.
Strengths: Smart, good-looking, pure evil, bleeds acid.
Weaknesses: Jack Bauer's wrath
Curious Detail: Only Jack Bauer has killed more CTU agents than Nina.

Name: Audrey "Penis Nose" Raines
Status: Widow, but still dating the man who killed her husband.
Occupation: Pain in Jack's ass/Senior Policy Analyst, DOD
Strengths: Immunity to sodium pentothal and a strong brachial artery.
Weaknesses: Every time Jack kills, Audrey's nose gets larger.
Curious Detail: Jack's first words after not speaking during 2 years of torture in China were "where's penis-nose?" in perfect Mandarin.

Last Week's Round 1 Results
Kim Bauer bested Diane Huxley in last week's match up. Those who thought that Kim Bauer would ease her way to the finals must be shaking their heads. Kim squeaked by Diane Huxley in a nail biter and could face Mandy in the next round, someone grab the butter because Kim's toast.
Kim Bauer (51% - 256 votes)
Diane Huxley (49% - 246 votes)
502 votes

Who should move on?
Nina Myers
Audrey Raines

Click Here for results


Anonymous said...

"where's penis-nose?" in perfect Mandarin.

"屪 鼻 在 哪儿?" (liao bi zai nar?)

Anonymous said...

How did neither of the Warner sisters make the bracket? Marie is probably in my top 5, with Kim, Nadia, Diane, and Mandy's girlfriend.

steveegg said...

Going with the evil redhead. Audrey looks too much like the High Priestess of Global Warming, "Dr." Heidi Cullen.

BUMBLE!!! said...

Nothing like an evil demon harpie woman to really arouse the loins... my vote is out there for Nina.

Agreed on the Warner sisters... just because Marie was a trampy terrorist doesn't mean that she wasn't hot!! like you people wouldn't have let her at the locker for a back office closed door session either!!!!!

Buckaroo Banzai said...


Deathlok said...

I think this one is tough. . .I mean Audrey could kill you in your sleep, but then again if Audrey rolled over in her sleep she could kill you with a nose through the eye.

Deathlok said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Actually, I can't believe I forgot Michelle. Replace Diane with her.

(I'm the same person who wrote comment 2).

My top 5, in order:

1. Kim
2. Nadia
3. Michelle
4. Marie
5. Mandy's lesbian lover

Robin said...

My vote would definitely be for Collette Stenger from Season 5, played by Stana Katic. She is by far the hottest 24 girl ever!

Anonymous said...

Just noticed Sherry Palmer...WTF?

Also, does this:

make you guys reconsider the bracket? You're really going to put Sherry Freaking Palmer ahead of her?