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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kill Counter - Hour 7

After 2 weeks of "transition" episodes of 24, Jack Bauer dusted off the kill counter for Hour 7. Welcome back Jack!

However, Season 6 Jack Bauer has been a little more timid than say...Season 4 Jack Bauer. Is it the lack of heroin, his daughter's participation in the Miss B4B Contest, or the chemical burns? But the previews for next week's show looks someone gave Jack a shotgun and some Red Bull. It's shaping up to be a 2 hour bloodbath.

For instructions on how the Kill Counter system works, click here.

Hours 1-2
Total - 5 points
Jack Bauer takes a bite out of crime for 4 points.
Jack Bauer kicks a suicide bomber out of the Subway for 1 point.
Hours 3-4
Total (-1 Point)
Jack Bauer kills yet another CTU member for -1 points
Hour 7
Total (2 Points)
Jack Bauer shoots a bad guy for 1 point
Jack Bauer says "dammit" in the process of killing someone 1 point bonus

1 comment:

BUMBLE!!! said...

After last week's previews that gave away Jack's escape from cliffhanger ending, I no longer watch the previews.

I'm just waiting to be surprised and waiting to get some action this season... how much setting up can we take (unless the next 17 hours promise to be a constant bloodbath of terrorist scum - but with only 1 terrorist badguy, unless they change to another presidential coup... it's going to take some serious manipulating (and there is no Nina Meyers to magically appear and wait to be killed or jailed...)