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Monday, February 26, 2007

Miss Blogs4Bauer Contest - Round 1

Hello ladies, you know it's Monday, you know that I'm William Shatner, and by now you know that it's time to continue on our quest to find the winner of the 1st Annual Miss Blogs4Bauer Contest. Make sure you post comments and vote like you live in Chicago, often.

When the ninjas and robots begin to shimmy, it's time for me to rundown this week's match up. We have two villains in this week's match up. Sherry Palmer played the role of mole while Mandy has been nothing but a terrorist. Did I mention that she was a lesbian terrorist? That's Shat-tastic!

Here are the profiles, make your selection using the poll below. The voting ends Sunday (3/4) and the next match up of Collette Stenger and Teri Bauer will be posted on Monday (3/5).

Click Here for the updated bracket

Name: Sherry Palmer
Status: Dead
Occupation: Gold-digger/mole.
Strengths: Conniving, shrewd, slept with David Palmer
Weaknesses: Did not go with Allstate in the end.
Curious Detail: Was one of the only people during Day 1 to change clothes, she changed six times.

Name: Mandy
Status: Pardoned
Occupation: Lesbian terrorist/Mile High Club member
Strengths: Shatner thinks the lesbian thing is a nice strength.
Weaknesses: Tony's soul patch
Curious Detail: Actually earned 11,000 Bonus Miles for being a passenger on flight 221.

Last Week's Round 1 Results
The race between Nina Myers and Audrey Raines was never close. I really don't nose what did Audrey in.
Nina Myers (78% - 258 votes)
Audrey Raines (22% - 74 votes)
332 votes

Who should move on?
Sherry Palmer

Click Here for results


Buckaroo Banzai said...

Mandy = Giggity!

Sherry? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

Sherry Palmer (especially that picture) is a beauty, no question but she cannot hold a candle to this hot young Mandy thang. Still Sherry made the plot very interesting.

steveegg said...

Could we just have them wipe each other out?

I'm waiting not-so-patiently for the opportunity to, push Michelle Dessler over the top.

Anonymous said...

Mandy could blow up Sherry, however Sherry would blame David Palmer for it.

Anonymous said...

If this is even close, there is something very wrong with the readers of this blog.

As I posted on the previous thread, you guys picked Sherry Palmer over her:

L P said...

No contest.

Anonymous said...

I'm gearing up for a Mandy vs. Michelle final!

Bob Engler said...

Vote Sherry!

Of all the ways people have killed on this show, Sherry is the ONLY one to have talked a man to death. Biting out a throat is child's play compared to bitching a man to death.

I'm Sherry Palmer and I approved this message.