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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chloe - 1st Annual Miss Blogs4Bauer

Congratulations to Chloe O'Brian and her victory over Nadia Yassir in the first annual Miss Blogs4Bauer Contest. We would also like to thank the peanut gallery and the voters who maxed out the number of times they could submit a vote on Mister Poll only to clear their cookies and do it all over again.

Next season we will have the 2nd Annual Miss Blogs4Bauer contest and open it up to the cast and possibly even some 24 fans out there. Yes, Kate Warner and her sister will be included this time.

In the meantime, let's give it up for Chloe O'Brian! Not only is she hot, she can also read those annoying binary clocks, and shoot a gun. So she's a triple threat.

Click here for the completed bracket.


Sally Jo said...

YAY Chloe!

Anonymous said...


Of course, the picture that Blogs4Bauer used was Mary Lynn Rajskub's Breakthrough Award win for, I think, Firewall.

This is a great day for geeks everywhere!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a God afterall. who said yuo can't be a geek and be a sexgoddess/god too?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

glockspeak, I concur. Sure wish you and sally posted during the votes.

That said, Chloe has a card for us (fixed link).

RobertDWood said...

Cheaters win again. She nocked someone else out without even being in the seeding rounds.

Trench Reynolds said...


yankz said...

Congrats, Chloe and your super dork worshipper, SVC.

Palm Boy is spot on.

Michelle, you'll always be Miss B4B in my heart, and in the end of the day, what else matters?

Anonymous said...

I am a geek, not a dork.

Just for that, you are the stereotypical New Yorker. Your honorary New York Yankee Michelle Dessler lost so you trash the winner and throw trash onto the baseball field. Whatever happened to flowers for Chloe the winner, preferably not dead ones?

That said, I wish Michelle and you her fan club spokesperson well. Hopefully your Yankees come out of their slump :-).

See ya next season!!!!!!!!

Buckaroo Banzai said...

I call shenanigans! The corpse of Nina Myers WILL NOT be denied!!!

yankz said...

I would love to have Michelle sign with the Yankees. The most successful sports franchise in history could use her brains and brawn during this oh so shitty season.

PS I've been trashing Chloe since before she won. Look back at the old threads; I've been seeking revenge for Michelle since the Round 1 upset. Unlike fans of other teams, I don't have an inferiority complex.
PPS I trashed Chloe after she won? Where?

Jack Bauer said...

Geeks are funny when they are called out.

Todd said...

Congrats SVC and Chloe.

Bigger question, SVC: would Jack Bauer vote for Rudy or for Fred "I was an admiral, chief of staff to the president, NYC District Attorney AND head of NASCAR" Thompson?

Any takers?

Anonymous said...

yankz: I know you were. Just like other Yankee fans, you throw trash onto the field when you don't like the action. I remember 1995...

But I agree your Yankees could use Michelle :-).

Todd: Rudy. Barely.

yankz said...

I would diss the Mariners, but they've been insignificant for so long I can't even think of anything.

Anonymous said...

I voted for chloe even though I didn't post during the voting.

Bob Engler said...

svc alumnus writes:

I am a geek, not a dork.

The technical distinction aside, you, sir, are a geek AND a dork. probably a mole, and mos'def a pain in the ass.

your girl won. give it a frigging break. please. for the love of god: GIVE. IT. A. BREAK.

BUMBLE!!! said...

This really should have been for 2nd season Kim, the evil Warner sister, or Mandy, but seeing as it wasn't Nadia, at least it shows that Rush Limbaugh has taste in the women he packs his "special meds" for.

Yes, even a Chloe that is preggers from Morris is better than Nadia any day.