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Monday, January 23, 2006

Live Blogging (11:00-12:00am)

Viewer discression is advised.

First product endorsement of the night - Dell Computers

So they want to take out Jack Bauer? I hope they have a roomfull of ninja moles at CTU.
Should they give Mrs. Logan's boobs a line in the credits. They get more airtime than Edgar.

I thought old Sam Gamgee was smart until he suggested that Jack's ex-girlfriend (who's husband was killed by Jack) should interview Jack (or Frank Flynn's) current fling.

This episode is starting off as dull as an episode of Skating with the Stars!

Chloe gets a little ass from her "staff" and now she is a smartass.
CGrim thinks Chloe is the mole. I think CTU (and Chloe to an extent) have been penetrated by Spenser, this season's CTU mole.

Have they worn out the whole CTU mole storyline?

Let me get this straight. Jack Bauer has only level 2 security clearance, but Spenser has level 3? Sleeping with Chloe has it's rewards. She really likes his "utilities volume".

Jack is meeting with his ex-girlfriend, as she is debriefing his current ex-girlfriend, and he still has times to do a voiceover for Verizon Wireless. "Jack Bauer never stops working for you"

The sappy muzak is going to kill me. This is like live-blogging The OC.

The bad guys send ONE guy to kill Jack? Not going to happen.

Vermont is not that bad Ms. Logan. I went skiing there a couple of weeks ago. Trees, maple syrup, ice cream.

The Torture Room makes a comeback! Someone call in Curtis.
I liked the thing they did to the Sec. of Defense's son with the sensory depravation and all.

I say they blindfold Spenser, rub him down in Twinkie filling and send Edgar into the room. Maybe give him the same haircut as Derek.

Channel 5 news just asked if you would watch 24 without Jack Bauer. What gives? Is Jack going to die?

Tony's back. Morphine drip (he brought his own supply in)

1 - Doctor Paulson - Bad Guy
2 - Bad Guy - Jack/Scissors

Jack is going to torture the crap out of Spenser, even with a broken rib.

"I'm not CTU. I'll go get Cummings myself." - Jack Bauer

Moral of the story: If you are going after Jack Bauer with one hitman and a crybaby. You end up down one crybaby and a hitman. Even breaking a rib will not stop Jack from kicking some ass.

Death Count: 2
(AM42 guessed 1)

Channel 5 news: Will 24 be the same without Jack Bauer?
Will Jack Bauer be killed off? Who will kill Jack Bauer? Can Chloe ever sleep with another man again without checking his "utilities volume"?

Update: I will post what Channel 5 reports once they are done with the weather and a story about Amy Fisher. In the meantime, you can email Fox5 and let them know what you think about the idea of 24 without Jack Bauer.

I tried to email Fox5:
Resources Exceeded
Sorry, System load is too high to process CGI requests.
Please try again later.

Update: Nonstory. Jack was interviewed and stated that no character is safe and that he does not know how the show's story will develop. The fact is that Jack Bauer is 24 and will not go on without him. 24 without Jack Bauer is like eating Lucky Charms for the vitamins.


Citizen Grim said...

Chloe is the mole.

You heard it here first.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

no way, dude

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I almost forgot...

Yay! Live blogging!

mizerock said...

Aren't there already enough moles? In fact, too many moles? Please, not Chloe too. Not because she's so awesome, but because that would be so lame. I'd rather Samwise turns out to be a mole.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Can't remember who said it first about Chloe's boyfriend being the mole but I agreed with them and we were right!!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

How come my comment went over LMC's?

V the K said...

It was me! Me! That's right! Me! Me! Me!

Wyatt Earp said...


Enough with the damned mole storyline already. Think of some fresh ideas!!!



lawhawk said...

Hmmm.. Chloe wouldn't be the mole. Too obvious. In a Nina kinda way.

I'm betting that it's going to be the Chig Killer himself.. Buchanan.

And for the record. Kim is back next week. I'm sure that will improve the Man's spirits.

Wyatt Earp said...

This frakin' mole better be killed tonight, or I'm so done with this show.

lawhawk said...


Agreed. That's going to be the new catchphrase for the show...

Instead of "Where is the bomb!?"

It's Where's the frackin' mole!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Cindy Crawford had a mole and noone cared.
Of course, it was only one...

Citizen Grim said...

Okay, so Chloe probably isnt the mole, but it kinda makes sense.

They're trying to make it look like the BF is the mole, but I bet she's the mole-behind-the-mole, so to speak.

Or I could be full of crap. whatever :)

Citizen Grim said...

"I think CTU (and Chloe to an extent) have been penetrated by Spenser"

sick!!! I dont want that mental picture!

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

The comment thing is acting weird tonight.

Why isn't Mrs. Logan's assistant speaking up???

Elisha Cuthbert's name was in the credits tonight, is she going to make an appearance before next week?

I like Audrey better this season.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

sorry wyatt!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

wtf, my comment went above wyatt's?

Wyatt Earp said...

Damn. I was JUST about to write a Cindy Crawford joke. Damn.

Oh, btw, The Man, I dropped the ball on Live Blogging. Thought Hector was gonna do it, but I would have if you didn't wanna.


Wyatt Earp said...


Break out the car battery!!!

lawhawk said...

"I'd like to talk to a lawyer?" Famous last words if in the presence of Jack.

And if we're talking about moles, why hasn't anyone contacted Tom Clancy to provide the information on how to clean up a mole infestation?

Wyatt Earp said...


Hunt Mrs. Logan down with extreme prejudice.

lawhawk said...

Guess we need a sandman for Logan.

Cueing Metallica...

The Conservative UAW Guy said...


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

the man is cracking me up on the live blogging!

Ssssteve said...

I can't wait till jack kills that walt idiot! That guy is one smug little butthole! Reminds me of clinton!!

Citizen Grim said...

ha - I can imagine some overzealous Secret Service agent getting carried away and confused in the heat of the moment and just shooting Mrs. Logan down

Ssssteve said...

CUG, that was funny Cindy crawford!! LMAO!!

omvi said...

Forget Kim and Michelle. I think Mrs. Logan is HOT.

The Man said...

I missed the torture almost as much as I missed Jack.

Ssssteve said...

omvi, that is some sick stuff!!

mizerock said...

> I liked the thing they did to the Sec. of Defense's son with the sensory depravation and all.

Yeah, because he attended a peace rally. And then they show how this action was directly responsible for letting the terrorists win! A public service message from FOX.

Ssssteve said...

Yeah, we need more torture!! A few blown out knees are in order!!

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I don't think we have even one on the body count yet.

I'm with Wyatt, let Jack interrogate Chloe's boy toy.

Wyatt Earp said...

Sandman - Either Metallica or Thomas Hayden Church (See Spider-man 3)

lawhawk said...

Wow. that was quick exposing this mole...

They ought to put Jack in charge of screening for CTU. He'd figure 'em out pretty good.

Of course the folks who are into S&M might get through...

and we've got bodies.... 2 by my count... and no cellphone damage.

Wyatt Earp said...


Ssssteve said...


Wyatt Earp said...

NICE!!! Scissors to the carotid!!! JACK, YOU'RE MY HERO!!!

Ssssteve said...

Kick Spencer in the nuts!!!

Ssssteve said...

WALT is a dead man!!!

Ssssteve said...

WALT dead man walking!!

mizerock said...

There ya go, both moles uncovered. End of episode.

Citizen Grim said...

I dont think the rats count as bodies.

And that was fast finding Walt out.

Question: Wouldnt the Chinese be upset if they found out Jack was still alive?

Wyatt Earp said...

"I'm not CTU. I'll go get Cummings myself."

Greatest line . . . ever!

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Woo-hoo!! Jack w/ the broken rib interrogating the boyfriend just like we asked.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Who said sending 1 guy after jack was a mistake? You got that right!! Jack kicks butt!!!!!!!!

The Man said...

Channel 5 News in NY is reporting that 24 will go on without Jack Bauer. What the hell? Does Jack die next week?

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

My favorite line was Jack telling the hobbit: "You better check into that." :-)))))

Wyatt Earp said...

That's it, Logan has to die.

Citizen Grim said...

they better not kill jack off.


Toni said...

Alrighty Little Miss Chatterbox, you got me hooked on this blog, I already was hooked on 24. On my own I got a 101st AVN Unit in Iraq hooked so I've got to get a copy of the current season to them!! I'm so glad that smirky cummings is going to DIE. But what about the that simpy President Logan. What a puke and a half. He deserves Cummings.

Ssssteve said...

Logan is a big weenie!! Logan and Walt in one shot!!

lawhawk said...

This episode was kinda slow, except for the last 5 minutes... Way to go there.

2 to the body count, so I lost - I went over, and as Bob Barker would tell ya, that's not gonna do.

The Man said...

Logan owes Ms. Logan a huge diamond ring or something

Wyatt Earp said...

Grim - Heh, heh, you wrote "jack off." heh, heh.

The Man - Yeah, Logan needs to pull a Kobe.

If Jack goes, I go.

mizerock said...

Jack gone? Maybe next season. If they lose him at any point but episode #24, they are idiots. I'd hate to see him gone at ANY point, but I would understand if Keifer wants to do something else with his life. The writers would have quite a challenge ... how to hook in the regular viewers in the 4-hour 2-night season opener in 2007, minus Jack?

Wyatt Earp said...

Well, Man, what did Channel 5 say???

The Man said...

Channel 5 pulled that crap where they tease the last story of the news program to keep you watching.

Homeless man beating
Schumer on body snatching
Jack Bauer

I will post what they say.

Coach said...

I agree with the teaser theory. Jack won't go down. Tonight was kind of boring aside from the whole scissors in the neck scene and of course Chloe getting ready to open a can on Spenser.
Audrey looks better this season. Not nearly as annoying. Could there be a potential cat fight over Jack?

Citizen Grim said...

In another unlikely prediction:
I bet Tony let the assassin in.

(I'm just hedging my bets, so if one of these comes true, I can say I predicted it in only the 5th hour)

mizerock said...

I missed a few old episodes. I mean seasons. Has Kim been mentioned, at all, since she was working at CTU in season 2?

Coach said...

The next question is, what will Jack do with Cummings when he finds him? Just the ole traditional ass-beating? He can't exactly kill him. Well he could....

The Man said...

mizerock - News reports stated that Kim will be back for this season. She left with her one-armed boyfriend after season 3.

Robocop is also supposed to be on this season.

AM42 said...

Death Count: 2

I figured that it would be a slow hour, death-wise. Even though I was wrong about Tony dying, both of the deaths did occur in the immediate vicinity of Tony... so my guess was pretty darned close.

Tyler D. said...



Arsenic said...

24 without Jack Bauer? I swear if they killed off Jack, I'd probably stop watching the show!.

MJ06 said...

Okay they have deffinatly run out the mole story line absolutly.

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