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Monday, February 19, 2007

Blogs4Bauer Kill Counter Challenge - Week 6

Welcome back to The Blogs4Bauer Kill Counter Challenge! Each week B4B will host a contest to see who can guess Jack Bauer's point total. The winner will be given much praise and be allowed to live another day.

This week, Jack goes after his evil father for revenge. I will be liveblogging tonight, so I'll do my best with the Star Wars analogies. If I accidently confuse a Jedi quote with something from Beastmaster, please go easy on me.

Take a look at the Guidelines and Point System and post your point total in the comments section for Hours 6-7. The winner will be posted next Monday.

Week 1 (Hours 1-4): 4 Points
Winner: Rhymes With Right (4 points)
Week 2 (Hour 5): 0 Points
Winner: Justin (0 points)
Yeah, him. (0 points)
Week 3 (Hour 6): 0 Points
Winner: None
Week 4 (Hour 7): 2 Points
Winner: None
Week 5 (Hours 8-9): 4 Points
Winner: None

Season 6 Kills so far:
1. Bite to the neck (4 points)
2. Explosive kick (1 point)
3. Killing Curtis (-1 point)

4. Shooting while handcuffed (1 point, +1 Dammit bonus)
5. Shooting 2 dudes with a shotgun (2 points, +2 combo)


Anonymous said...

I bet he kills pappy tonight with a gun and says something cool like:
"Dammit dad, say hello to Graham for me"

That would be
1 point for the gun
+1 dammit bonus
+1 for saying something cool.

3 points tonight.

al said...

Jack can't kill his dad. He may not save him but he won't kill him.

2 points tonight.

BUMBLE!!! said...

All he does is kills the guys that are chasing Milo and Graham's wife / his former love thang / mom of his child. 4 points.

When he gets captured, that is the cliff hanger.

And maybe this week, Fox won't give clues away before they happen.


And to share sentiments for Presidents Day... let's hope this is the night we get a new president and Wayne gets ended.

gennifer6 said...

I agree with Al. Jack will earn 2 points tonight and he won't kill his dad...not tonight anyway. Jack'll kill Daddy for the good of the country toward the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

Jack will be slow tonight... again.

1 Point.

And how come nobody won last 2 times? Shouldn't it be whoever was the closest wins?

Anonymous said...

i reckoned 10 points the other week, 3 last week - im going to have to rethink...

nill point this week

i think its a transitional week...

(he'll probably waste half of l.a. now...)

bRight & Early said...

Reading my crystal ball I say 5 points.

Looking deeper into my crystal ball I predict that my "nowhere close" streak will remain intact.

Justin said...


A guy can hope, can't he?

glockspeak said...

4 points

steveegg said...

Hours 6-7? Easy, that's 2.

Oh wait, we're on hour #10. Cochrane is dead Bad Bauer Walking (though not quite yet; he's got some payback to endure first), and Jack will be escaping, so there's at least 3 dead Bad Guy Red Shirts. Double-digits as the "Damn It" Bonus kicks in - 10.

MediaShuffle said...


gonna be right one hour!

Anonymous said...

I'll say 4.