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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kill Counter - Hours 8-9

24 is in a ratings wars with the show Heros and Jack Bauer is losing. If I was a little proficient in statistics, I would have posted a graph that correlates the drop in ratings with Jack's lack of body count.

You would think that Jack would be pumped up with his daughter taking a huge lead in the first round of the Miss Blogs4Bauer Contest. Maybe next week.
Kill the father. Save the world.

For instructions on how the Kill Counter system works, click here.

Hours 1-2
Total - 5 points
Jack Bauer takes a bite out of crime for 4 points.
Jack Bauer kicks a suicide bomber out of the Subway for 1 point.
Hours 3-4
Total (-1 Point)
Jack Bauer kills yet another CTU member for -1 points
Hour 7
Total (2 Points)
Jack Bauer shoots a bad guy for 1 point
Jack Bauer says "dammit" in the process of killing someone 1 point bonus
Hours 8-9
Total (4 points)
Jack shoots 2 dudes with a shotgun for 2 points (+2 combo kill)

1 comment:

BUMBLE!!! said...

Don't believe the ratings - they're just a CAIR organized plot to distract the world from the fact that 24 is getting ready to go ballistic this season.

Besides, we really only have 2 villains so far (Russian general G just introduced and the oft escaping Fayed - the rest are some crazed form of "misguided patriotism"). Unless the writers want to go super political coup with the last 15 episodes (a hard sell since we're all waiting for Jack to ramp up the body count), we're going to have to deal with a little more build up.

All the same, Dad needs to get tortured for a while with sodium pentathol.