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Thursday, March 29, 2007

24 Kim Bauer Spoiler Alert

Those of you who check out Blogs4Bauer on a semi-regular basis know that we're not a spoiler site in any way whatsoever. We are like the Tuesday morning quarterbacks of 24.

Well that all changes today! One of my friends works with a key sponsor of 24 and Fox. On a recent business trip, she was invited to meet some of the writers of 24 at a party. After a few drinks, her and Manny Coto hit it off pretty well and they exchanged email addresses to keep in touch. As a sponsor, she would like to know ahead of time what is going on with the show.

Well....she sent me this email from Manny talking about a favorite character of ours. Yes, RFTR will be glad to hear that Kim Bauer will soon make her glorious return. Thats right, Kim Bauer is coming back later this season! You heard it here first!

Now we have a couple more shockers that we will be coming down the pipe on future episodes of 24. If you are a fan of the show, make sure you check back tomorrow to find out....oh heck, just check back tomorrow for more insider information.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!!

Bob Engler said...

Great. Just what this season needs. More recycled silliness.

yankz said...

Yeah, I'm not feeling more mole action or mole Kim in trouble action. Can't they just give her a safe job, like being an underwear model or something?

Anonymous said...

This is not awesome. I thought she and Jack were estranged and she was never coming back.

I've heard much more explosive spoilers than this one. But then again, I don't heart Kim.

Anonymous said...

I guess 2 years in a Chinese prison would help bring the family together like nothing else

Your Friendly Neighborhood Clark Bar said...

Can they work a cougar into that storyline?

Anonymous said...

have they not learned that kim bauer is like drinking bitter beer? yuck yuck yuck.

BUMBLE!!! said...

Maybe they can finish her off once and for all.

After a little healthy unclothedness!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope she comes back and dies. Then i'll be happy.

Johnny Park said...

Am I cynical to think that if it were real, you wouldn't post Manny's actual email address?

But in any event, Kim better have her attitude adjusted by the time she gets on screen. Her last appearance was quite the poor showing.

Wyatt said...

She should show up in an endangered L.A. strip club.

Anonymous said...

I thought she was done, uh, contributing to the show. What a disappointment. Are the writers really that out of ideas now? Although I have to admit I'm a little curious as to what she would be like now.

SPOILER ALERT... I also heard something about Milo having a brother. Eww, there are two of those?

Anonymous said...

Total bull, or you would have cropped Cotto's email. Someone might get the crazy idea of mailing him to let the writers know how crappy this season is.

Anonymous said...

I'm calling this bogus, right now. They've already got the scripts on these episodes so to think that they're trying to come up with something is wrong. Kuja has the scripts, he can confirm.

Jack Bauer said...

Click here for the followup to this post.

yankz said...

Does that mean that both were pranks?

Jack Bauer said...


Yes both are fakes. Happy 4/1.

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