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Friday, March 30, 2007

Chloe in Geek Mag

Mary Lynn Rajskub was featured in GEEK magazine this month. Blogs4Bauer was given inside access to one of the photos.

Check out the interview and the pictures here.

(Hat Tip - Gary)


Anonymous said...

What a geekfest she'd make!

Anonymous said...

Well I guess if you have a magazine aimed at Geeks, Chloe should be on the cover every month.

Anonymous said...

Yes i agree, picture her on the cover each, playing PS3, or maybe a DS. Next month she can troubleshoot a IC board or debug code wearing next to nothing.

steveegg said...

That can't be Chloe; she's smiling :-)

The geeks are always misunderestimated.

Trench Reynolds said...

I'd reconfigure her servers.

Unknown said...

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