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Monday, March 26, 2007

Blogs4Bauer Kill Counter Challenge - Week 11

Welcome back to The Blogs4Bauer Kill Counter Challenge! contest to see who can guess Jack Bauer's point total. The winner will be given much praise and beEach week B4B will host a allowed to live another day.

*Last week Jack entered the terrorist pilot center (which was only 3 blocks from CTU). While Jack shot 3 bad guys, he did not kill the third. If said bad guy dies this hour, the kill is retroactive to last week's count and will also up the counter combo.

Moles in CTU + Jack seeking revenge = kill counter bonanza.

Take a look at the Guidelines and Point System and post your point total in the comments section for Hour 11. The winner will be posted next Monday.

Week 1 (Hours 1-4): 4 Points
Winner: Rhymes With Right (4 points)
Week 2 (Hour 5): 0 Points
Winner: Justin (0 points)
Yeah, him. (0 points)
Week 3 (Hour 6): 0 Points
Winner: None
Week 4 (Hour 7): 2 Points
Winner: None
Week 5 (Hours 8-9): 4 Points
Winner: None
Week 6 (Hour 10): 4 Points
Winner: Yeah, him. (4 points)
glockspeak (4 points)
nicky (4 points)
Week 7 (Hour 11): 0 Points
Winner: The Man (0 Points)
Justin (0 Points)
Week 8 (Hour 12): 0 Points
Winner: Dan (0 Points)
pickett (0 Points)
Yeah Him (0 Points)
Week 9 (Hour 13): 5 Points
Winner: glockspeak (5 Points)
Week 10 (Hour 14): 4 Points*
Winner: Al (4 Points)

Season 6 Kills so far:
1. Bite to the neck (4 points)
2. Explosive kick (1 point)
3. Killing Curtis (-1 point)
4. Shooting while handcuffed (1 point, +1 Dammit bonus)
5. Shooting 2 dudes with a shotgun (2 points, +2 combo)
6. Saved Milo's ass by capping 2 dudes (2 points, +2 combo)
7. Shot Russian dude after beating him with a belt (1 Point)
8. Shot 2 Russian dudes
(2 points, +2 combo)
9. Shot 2 more dudes (2 points, +2 combo)
Pending: Shot one more dude (1 point, +4 combo)


steveegg said...

7 the hard way (3, x3 combo, a damnit, and a mole).

Anonymous said...

I bet that dude dies tonight, just before he is about to give up the goods.

Jack: Tell me what you know dammit!
Random Dude: Gradenko is....uhhhhh

I will go with 4 points tonight.

al said...

The dude will live. (I hope)

5 tonight.

yankz said...


Anonymous said...

Heck I hope he lives then so I get my 2 pts from last week. :D


2 pts! Again!

RobertDWood said...

Jack's going for a nice square 0 tonight.
Its not his fault, its the plot makers.

Anonymous said...

1 measly b*stard.

Anonymous said...


Justin said...

Too much political gesturing this week... a big, fat 0

Anonymous said...

I see the kill parade continuing so my guess is 6.