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Monday, March 19, 2007

Talkin' 24

You've watched 24. You've Blogged and read about and commented on 24. Now you can talk about 24! I've started broadcasting at twice each week on a show I call First Cup Radio. The show airs live on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:00am.

Here's the part about 24: Every Tuesday morning I'll be recapping the previous night's episode, and you can call in. The call in number is (718) 664-9725. You can click on the button to find out more about First Cup Radio.

blog radio

I know. I know. It's 6:00am. Get over it. I'm up every morning at 4:30, and Jack's going to be up for at least another 10 hours himself. See you then.

(While I'm in pimpin' mode, don't forget about Forums4Bauer.)
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Anonymous said...

great idea but as much as i love 24, i ain't gettin' up at 3:00 am to talk about it. will you recap in post what is talked about ?

bRight & Early said...

I will, and it will be archived as a podcast as well.

steveegg said...

I don't have time for microphones, dammit! I have the voice for the Internet 1.0.