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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Carnival of Bauer!!!

Welcome back to The Carnival of Bauer!!!

It's a proven fact that Jack Bauer hates Russian consulates almost as much as he hates clowns. So therefore, this week the Carnival of Bauer will be posted in the stereotypical broken Russo-Engrish that made Jack so mad.

The Jack Sack has joined Blogs4bauer as a contributor. We are much happy for this. This week, The Jack Sack posts Jack Needs A Suit!: A "24" Picture-Book which details Jack Bauer's most excellent suit buying experience. If you want more Picture Book fun, check out the most funny episode called The Logan Bris: A "24" Picture Book! where team of Jack and Logan have funniest adventure with a circumcision and a cigar cutter I ever read.

Comrade Jeff Kouba from Truth v. The Machine recaps episode 24 Day 6 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM. If you not check it out, I poison your goldfish.

My uncle Boris hates the "yankz"! Putting Cold War aside, the website Because it's sour presents A Defining Moment in 24 History. That moment? Bigshot American invading poor helpless communist countries in China and Russia. Bahh.

Most Powerful man on all of blogosphere Emperor Misha I presents It Didn't Work In 1944 Either posted at his website Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. Mr. Misha we agree CAIR is happy that Mother Russia is now bad guy. The 1950s called, they want their boogie man back.

Remote Access is home to Amy Vernon and sister Amy presents recap of last episode in "We've got a situation".

Comrade Steve over at Magic Lamp presents 24 Season 6 - Episode 12 - 5 pm to 6 pm Summary a funny recap of last episode and predicts that Russian consulate will be stormed. Nonsense I tell you! You Yankees can recall Red Dawn all you want, it's a movie!

Comrade Morning Maniac Dave supplies internet with What I learned watching 24 posted at his excellent site Morning Maniac Music.

Comrade Rickey Henderson and most best base stealer posts recap of last episode called Ho Hum posted at his fast website and future host of Carnival Riding with Rickey.

Ahh CapeTownDissentator reports that Behind Every Great Show is a Huge Schmuk posted at website called The Dissentators. In Russia we put plutonium in Dissentators drinks. This Dissentator thinks the creator of hero Jack a schmuck. In Russia, we think Jack is schmuck.

Uncle Lou Perseghin notes that The Jack line: It's not $0.99 per minute, you pay with your little finger which he posted at his site and future host of Carnival The New Word Order. Yes, Jack speaks Russian and his voice mail is in Spanish. Reminds me of glory days in Cuba.

By look of things JWookie also gets into the Russo-Engrish craze with post titled Jack Bauer hate diplomatic consulates... posted at his site Cake or Death.

Communist team of Bob & Tom are linked in at Dangerous Logic and weigh on '24' and keeping your priorities straight.

Late Entry
Rosi at Rocinante's Burdens details five issues they have with show.

Thank You for checking out Carnival of Bauer!!! Remember to set you clocks on Sunday so you don't end up watching brothers escaping from jail and think it is another strange twist in 24 plot line.

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