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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


steveegg said...

Expect to update that pic in a few weeks when we find out Kemper's the mole.

Ah, what the heck; find one of Kemper and Token sharing a moment and get it over with ;-)

Jack Bauer said...

CTU torturing the wrong person is so Season 4.

steveegg said...

CTU torturing the wrong person is so Season 4.

This IS a compilation season.

Anonymous said...

rickster "dammit nadia I told you i like my coffee with cream, no sugar!"

man, i would have loved to have seen nadia drop him all kung fu kill bill karate style "don't touch me a**hole!"

Anonymous said...

lol I just noticed the dufuss in the background standing looking at him with a like "uh, you can't do that here mister believe me, I've tried!" look on his face. even bill's reaction was weak "uh, sir, don't do that!please. thank you." somebody grabbed one of my peeps like that and i'd be all over him.

Buckaroo Banzai said...

All we need is Austin Powers.


NDwalters said...

Mooooooooooole. Mole. Moooooole.

Bob Engler said...

i'd like to comment on det sorenson's torture techniques, but something something something, i will have to go to rehab.

I'm Ann Coulter and I disapprove of this message.

Anonymous said...

Is she looking hotter as each hour passes? Or is there something sexy about a strangled dame? Ask Bogie.