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Friday, April 20, 2007

24 Caption Contest

Caption this scene from 24.

Make sure to cast your vote in the Kim-Mandy Death-match. After around 500 votes, Kim holds a slight lead.


Anonymous said...

"What do you mean 'that wasn't chicken?'"

Jack Bauer said...

Audrey: Jack, there is a Chinese man in my split screen segment.

Sally Jo said...

I have to go with 24 in 24's take:

yankz said...

"Audrey, tell him his breath stinks! He's really sensitive about that."

Also, ditto Sally.

Anonymous said...

Penis nose, yes I see what you mean Jack.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to feel your nose raping my ass Miss Raines. You loved that too, didn't you Mister Bauer?

Jack Bauer said...

If I were a 24 Writer.

Audrey: Jack, to save my life you have to steal a nuclear component.

Jack: So if I don't, they will kill you and I still get credit for saving the world?

Audrey: JACK?

Anonymous said...

Audrey: Jack, I'm sorry. I've met someone else.

Johnny Park said...

"Mr. Bauer has no chance to save you. You wouldn't know if he was right under your phallic nose, which he happens to be."

NDwalters said...

Jack do you owe them for an order of "flied lice?"