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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Flat Stanley Spends a Day with Jack Bauer - Part 3

Look at me! Dude we're getting a Dell!

CTU is where Jack spends some of his time, when he's not "hanging out" or dodging missiles. There are all sorts of strange people who work there. This is Potato Face, oops I mean Chloe and Jack triangulating cross-referenced post-dilated thingamajig's. They ended up running it through Districts system since a mole had corrupted her database. I hate rodents.


steveegg said...

Stanley, at least you didn't stop in when she was a Russet.

Authorized and paid for by ANYBODY But Chloe For Miss Blogs4Bauer Campaign, Michelle Dessler, treasurer.

Anonymous said...

It's Chloe, Jack's personal angel Flat Stanley.

Enjoy yourself - gorgeous women and a day of action.