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Monday, April 16, 2007

Miss Blogs4Bauer Runoff

The votes have been counted and after 1,050 votes, the Chloe-Michelle winner is. No one. A Sanjaya-esq campaign of Chloe fans propelled RPF into a stalemate with Michelle Dessler. The vote goes on!

The final tally will be announced sometime during our live-blog tonight. Tune in around 9pm for liveblogging and our new B4B Drinking game, drink every time someone mentions a shark and/or Kim Bauer.

So get your vote on (again). The Round 2 match up of Kim Bauer and Mandy will be posted Tuesday.

Who should move on?

Michelle Dessler

Chloe O'Brian


yankz said...

God damnit, we we were so close, then supernerd starts running away with it again?!

Anonymous said...

To compare Chloe to a crazy guy is a farce.

Chloe continues to win by the rules...

Bob Engler said...

Chloe continues to win by the rules

What rules would those be? She wasn't even a player until SVC Alumnus Blogger started vetching about it. Reminds me of the 2002 Senate election when NJ Dems put up Frank Lautenburg to replace a crook after the filing deadline.

Rules, schmules.