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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Carnival of Bauer!!!

Welcome back to The Carnival of Bauer!!!, the only carnival dedicated to Jack Bauer and all things 24 (no matter how trivial). On that note, make sure you vote in the Miss Blogs4Bauer contest, this week Kim Bauer and Mandy are doing battle for a shot at the Final Four.

These are dark days for Fox and America. Not because Sanjaya was voted off of American Idol. Not because their new show Drive has Commander-in-Chief-esq ratings. No, it's because Jack Bauer wrapped things up early this season (maybe Snake Plissken's rantings got to him). With a 7 hours of filler left and Kim Bauer's return still six episodes away, what's Jack to do with himself? Sleep or sit on the can for the next 6 hours?

One thing is for sure, The Carnival of Bauer!!! will not take the next 7 hours off. This Friday, the carnival will be the featured carnival over at Blog Carnival.

Well enough about us, let's see what the blogs had to say this week.

The best weekly recap of 24 has to be VtheK's TiVO Recap here at Blogs4Bauer.

Seriously, enough about us. Here's what other 24-fan blogs had to say this week:

Magic Lamp recaps the latest episode in the usual funny way. Cheers for a fellow Audrey-hater.

Has 24 jumped the shark when Real Estate blogs start posting recaps? If not, check out this recap by Rich Jacobson and his Real Estate blog.

The Jack Sack is BACK! The fellow B4B member post his interview with the Jack Sack on what (and who) it's been doing and the new, slimmer look.

Check out the Sour Bauer Power Hour that notes the presence of a transitional episode, but a pretty good one for transitions. However they throw out some absurd theories like Chloe is a mole. Have you seen her poker face? She would not be a good mole.

Amy Vernon (last week's host), notes that Chloe dropped a "Dammit". Geeks around the world collectively took a shot of Red Bull. Count Amy as an Audrey-hater.

Doug at Below the Beltway bemoans the addition of Ricky Stratton to the cast of 24 and notes the writers are recycling plot line. Doug, they are called plot-offsets and they make sure the show it plot-neutral, you can blame Al Gore for that. Doug does not like Audrey either. Is anyone keeping count?

Do you want a recap that includes references to Patrick Ewing and Small Wonder? How about some You Tube clips and a count of how many times Jack Bauer has mentioned his own name (42)? Well then get your nappy-head over to for his weekly recap.

Jam Hot gives this episode a 7 out of 10 in their recap and is looking forward to the next episode.

While I have not been called it, I am also a 24 Whore. Signs you are a 24 Whore: telling your boss that you cannot work late on Mondays, reminding your wife that 2 and a Half Men is on at 9pm over and over again, and starting a website called Blogs4Bauer. Anyway, check out 24 Whore's answer to if Logan is coming back.

When JWookie is not getting his clock cleaned by myself in fantasy baseball or football, he's watching 24. So before he goes out and picks up the KC Royals third-baseman Mark Teahan (who I just dropped on the waiver wire), check out his 24 Moment of Zen.

Finally, one of my favorite sites to visit on Wednesdays is 24 in 24. Check out the latest comic-book recap of 24.

I want to thank everyone who has submitted posts to this carnival and previous Carnivals of Bauer!!! Creating and hosting a carnival is a lot of work, we really appreciate everyone who helps make this a really successful carnival every week. Because sometimes, watching 24 is a lot of work.

If you would like to host one of our few remaining Carnivals of Bauer!!! send Jack Bauer an email.

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Anonymous said...

As usual, an excellent carnival. Tx, B4B.