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Monday, April 02, 2007

Blogs4Bauer Kill Counter Challenge - Week 12

Welcome back to The Blogs4Bauer Kill Counter Challenge! contest to see who can guess Jack Bauer's point total. The winner will be given much praise and beEach week B4B will host a allowed to live another day.

Last week Jack managed to add two people onto the kill counter with only one shot. Had Brady not listened to the voices in his ear, I'm pretty sure that he would have joined the crowd.

This week the previews have Jack Bauer yelling "we need backup" which means they are already dead. With or without backup, how many kills will Jack add tonight?

Take a look at the Guidelines and Point System and post your point total in the comments section for Hour 11. The winner will be posted next Monday.

Week 1 (Hours 1-4): 4 Points
Winner: Rhymes With Right (4 points)
Week 2 (Hour 5): 0 Points
Winner: Justin (0 points)
Yeah, him. (0 points)
Week 3 (Hour 6): 0 Points
Winner: None
Week 4 (Hour 7): 2 Points
Winner: None
Week 5 (Hours 8-9): 4 Points
Winner: None
Week 6 (Hour 10): 4 Points
Winner: Yeah, him. (4 points)
glockspeak (4 points)
nicky (4 points)
Week 7 (Hour 11): 0 Points
Winner: The Man (0 Points)
Justin (0 Points)
Week 8 (Hour 12): 0 Points
Winner: Dan (0 Points)
pickett (0 Points)
Yeah Him (0 Points)
Week 9 (Hour 13): 5 Points
Winner: glockspeak (5 Points)
Week 10 (Hour 14): 4 Points*
Winner: Al (4 Points)

Week 10 (Hour 14): 9 Points
Winner: None - Sorry Al
Week 11 (Hour 15): 1 Point
Winner: glockspeak (1 Point)

Season 6 Kills so far:
1. Bite to the neck (4 points)
2. Explosive kick (1 point)
3. Killing Curtis (-1 point)
4. Shooting while handcuffed (1 point, +1 Dammit bonus)
5. Shooting 2 dudes with a shotgun (2 points, +2 combo)
6. Saved Milo's ass by capping 2 dudes (2 points, +2 combo)
7. Shot Russian dude after beating him with a belt (1 Point)
8. Shot 2 Russian dudes
(2 points, +2 combo)
9. Shot 2 more dudes (2 points, +2 combo)
10. Shot one more dude that died in the next hour (1 point, +4 combo)
11. Shot a henchman (1 point)


Anonymous said...

4 points. Backup? Jack don't need no stinking backup.

al said...

I was robbed :-(

I'll go for 3.

RobertDWood said...

Pegging it at 2.

If he kills Doyle though, I get bonus points.

steveegg said...

5 (there will be a dammit, dammit!)

BUMBLE!!! said...

0 points for this week. Something big is happening (the commercials), but I'm not going to believe it involves Jack.

Anonymous said...

6 pts via 3 kill combo

Justin said...

Aww, what the heck...


yankz said...

7, because all the likely ones are taken.

Johnny Park said...

Too much interrogating + zombie Palmer = not enough killing.

1 point.

Anonymous said...

going for the big 0 this week. i tried posting zero earlier but had the door slammed in my face. DAMMIT!

steveegg said...

Lonestar, a 3-shot is worth 9 plus weapon/dammit bonuses (3 kills @ 1 point each plus 6 for the combo).

Of course, I tried that last week and look what it got me.

Anonymous said...

Doh, you're right Steve. Thanks.

I was never very good at math. :D

Forgot you gotta count the 1 point for the weapon kill (unless body parts are used instead...don't think the manpurse will make an appearance.... :( ) Don't know why I was thinking it was built in....

Oh well, it was only 4 tonight anyway. Dammit! :D

Anonymous said...

Though if one looks at the example....

-Jack Bauer walks into a room, pulls a gun from his manpurse, and kills 2 terrorists.
Gun Kill (1 point)
Manpurse +1
Combo Kill +2
Total = 4 points/

so tonight would be:
2 kills-in-1 combo (+2 points)
Gun Kill (1 point)
= 3pts

But apparently that's been changed and you get a weapon point for each guy now.

Eh, whatever the point total is, it's not high enough. :/ *grr* It better be higher next week. *crosses fingers*