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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fox 5 NY has Jumped the Shark

Fans of 24 who live in the New York area have to put up with a weekly scourge that robs us of sleep and forces us to sit through 4 weather reports and even the business news. It's Toni's weekly useless 24 story time!

Every week during 24, around 45 minutes past the hour a teaser for a 24-related story on the 10pm newscast is aired, typically they end up just being interviews with Jack or viewers moaning about spoilers. Every now-and-then their teasers get me to watch the news hoping to find out if Jack is going to die or if Kim Bauer will come back.

This week the useless 24 story segment really jumped the shark. Really.

"Being dead on 24 does not always mean your dead. What characters are next on the comeback list, find out next"

Is it Tony? Is it? Tell me now, I don't want to hear about the weather in New Jersey, dammit!

"With Audrey coming back, who else could be resurrected on 24? Find out Next"

Could Soul Patch be coming back? I mean he didn't get a silent clock.


I waited until the end of the newscast and Toni listed three dead characters and questioned if they could make a comeback. Edgar, President Logan, and Curtis. I shit you not. I almost threw the remote control at my dog's head. To top it off, they come to the conclusion with their "24 expert" that none of those 3 have a chance at a comeback. So the whole story was not just a crock. No, it was a big crock of crap with a cherry on top. Screw you Toni.

Click Here to see the craptastic story. Check out the one called 4/16/07 Resurrection!


Justin said...

Correct me if I'm wrong... but are we even sure if Logan's dead?

Anonymous said...

Heh, "24 expert" Logan could easily comeback. I don't think they even officialy pronounced him dead.

Anonymous said...

Logan does not have enough of a spine for a comeback.

Sally Jo said...

After rewatching season 5 (and liking Audrey even MORE--tcha!) I am convinced that Tony will be back. There's just no way that Edgar would get a silent clock over Tony.


BTW, I enjoyed all the vids at the link provided :)

Unknown said...

"I almost threw the remote control at my dog's head. "

WUSS! Man up and take the damn box out if you're willing to by that beyotch's chit.

BUMBLE!!! said...

Logan's last mention was the flatline. You think someone would get the Cristal out for his passing.

BUMBLE!!! said...

Are we forgetting Sec. Heller?

Anonymous said...

WUSS! Man up and take the damn box out if you're willing to by that beyotch's chit.

If I take the box out, then how will I be teased for next week's useless story?

KeithHopkin said...

Haha. Those Fox5 stories are such a joke. I laugh at them every time!