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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Flat Stanley Spends a Day with Jack Bauer - Part 1

Flat Stanley recently spent a day with Jack Bauer! Here is the first part of his adventure.

Today I hung out with Jack Bauer. Here is a picture of us running away from a pair of Hellfire missiles fired from a helicopter. Don't worry, the blood on his shirt is not Jack's or mine.
Unfortunately the toy truck in the background didn't make it.


Anonymous said...

Is there C4 in the toy truck? Why isn't the guy behind Jack running? FS, you look awesome in your little flat pants and flat shirt!

Anonymous said...

Who's hotter without his shirt on, Stan or Jack? Discuss.

Anonymous said...

well, the bloodstain on jack's shirt is hella sexy but there's something about the look in Stan's eye...

Clenbuterol said...

The photo is more than eloquent