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Thursday, April 26, 2007

JBAD - May 9th

This is a just a not so friendly reminder that Jack Bauer Appreciation Day is May 9th.


steveegg said...

A true not-so-friendly reminder would be Jack shooting somebody :-)

Anonymous said...

I should prolly not bring my weapon to work. bad form and all. but we could all run around in traffic commandeering cars claiming to be federal agents and telling people to STAY DOWN!

Todd said...

I'll be all by my lonesome in South Florida (the fiance is going to Seattle to dig up more dirt on Chiggy) if anyone wants to spend the day driving through traffic with me on my courier route. We can make it from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach in a 4 minute commercial break, switch cars randomly throughout the day, shoot at anyone who looks like Fayed, and just scream "DAMNIT!" to anyone we feel like scaring out of their panties.

So, the offer is extended.

Anonymous said...

DAMMIT! I live in California! Always missing out on the random driveby shootings! *kicks dirt*

Sally Jo said...

How exactly does one 'appreciate' Jack on May 9th? Talk Like Jack Bauer Day was easy--and loud.

Do we wear our CTU T-shirts, carry around our Jack Sack's, and hold Audrey Defense Fund bake sales or just try to hunt down terrorists in our own neighborhoods?


Jack Bauer said...

Sally - Check out our posts from last year's JBAD. We will also post an updated post for this year.

Sally Jo said...

Knife...towel...ham sandwich.

Got it!


yankz said...

I think I will towel some bitches.

It's late.

Unknown said...

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