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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Message From Debbie Pendleton


yankz said...

A message from me, channeling Michelle Dessler:

I hate you, supernerd fans of Chloe!

Greg said...

Hi. I'm Debbie Pentleton. You may not remember me... heck, I have problems remembering me myself sometimes. That happens when you're dead.

Nevertheless, I must assert myself here. I loved Behrooz, more than anything in my life. Yet my love, my neverending love for that hulk of burgeoning manhood, was cut short just as it began.

So now there's this sexpot by the name of Chloe O'Brian. From what I understand, she's actually been at CTU for 4 years now, and in all that time, none of her loves have attempted to shoot them. Edgar Stiles's mother never ONCE tried to feed her rat poison!

All I wanted was a chance. A chance for life. A chance to beat Chloe O'Brian and become Miss Blogs 4 Bauer. Don't vote for Chloe O'Brian. Vote for me!

[b]Debbie Pendleton For Miss Blogs 4 Bauer[/b]

Anonymous said...

I understand kicking DP out, but CO'B vs. MD is one round too soon. I will hate to see either fall this early in the tourney.

Anonymous said...

I still love you debbie!

BUMBLE!!! said...

I was beginning to wonder who this one hit wonder was...
Ah the teenage stars of 24...

Where did Jack Jr. end up?

Anonymous said...

Daycare with Behrooz?